John W. McEwers

Freshman - 629 Points (6/20/1980 / Nova Scotia, Halifax)

John W. McEwers Poems

161. I Tried To Learn To Juggle 2/3/2012
162. I Want To Eat A Porpoise 2/4/2012
163. I Watch It Cause I Like It 8/29/2015
164. I'D Be Embarrassed, But She Was Like An Eight-And-A-Half 3/7/2013
165. If 1 And 2 Were Equal 2/1/2012
166. If I Could Only Love You 2/1/2012
167. If It Burns, Flow Sweet Water, Flow 4/12/2010
168. If Life Was A Child Its An Orphan 4/12/2010
169. If Only You Loved Me 4/12/2010
170. If You Loved Me, You Would. 4/16/2010
171. If Your Smile Said Something Grand 4/13/2010
172. I'Ll Touch You Like He Won'T 2/3/2012
173. I'M Kinda Rather Impressed With Keg Man 4/13/2010
174. In Washington 2/4/2012
175. Insults, Tiny And Polite 2/4/2012
176. Interview With A Dead Man 2/1/2012
177. It Might Surprise You 2/3/2012
178. It Should Have Been 4/16/2010
179. It Was Onlyyesterday 4/16/2010
180. It's Dark When No One Talks Anything 8/29/2015
181. It's Raining Men 8/29/2015
182. It's The Girth 8/29/2015
183. It's The Mad Cat Slapper 2/3/2012
184. I'Ve Got A Hold On You 2/4/2012
185. I'Ve Never Loved Something So Much 4/18/2010
186. John The Bad Fist 2/4/2012
187. Johnny Waddle Ft. Shakira 8/31/2015
188. Joke's On You 4/13/2010
189. Judo Lover Throws A Fit 2/1/2012
190. Juniper In The Wind 4/12/2010
191. Junk In Your Trunk 2/4/2012
192. Justice Is Strong Willed Good 4/12/2010
193. Kate Let A Duck Freeze To Death 2/16/2012
194. Kate's Oubliette 2/3/2012
195. Killer Bees-Knees 2/3/2012
196. Killing Time The Old Fashioned Way 4/13/2010
197. Lady In The Car 2/9/2012
198. Lake Nepesing 2/1/2012
199. Lament And Stinky Toes 2/1/2012
200. Leaky Love 2/4/2012
Best Poem of John W. McEwers


Mammals lay no eggs outside of their bodies because they lay them inside of their bodies.
Marsupials carry babies around in sacks like babies are groceries from the corner carry-out.
Fish passively lay eggs in giant areas so that just about anything that wants to can attempt to germinate.
Birds make nests.
Where does John fit in?

Snakes leave their skin on the ground because they are comfortable without it.
Trees leave leafs to die around them to fertilize.
Sheep need their wool to be taken from them or else they'll get too hot.
Sharks have too many teeth to ...

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Guilty By Condemnation

Take it in
Poem like vacuum Police
Five—oh, really?
There were, really, five of them.
They ate me. They chewed my pleas
When I said “I”
And I said “Didn’t”
And I said “Kill”
And I said “Her”
And I said “Puppy”

Its exhausting being innocent.

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