John W. McEwers

Rookie - 62 Points (6/20/1980 / Nova Scotia, Halifax)

John W. McEwers Poems

161. I'Ve Never Loved Something So Much 4/18/2010
162. John The Bad Fist 2/4/2012
163. Joke's On You 4/13/2010
164. Judo Lover Throws A Fit 2/1/2012
165. Juniper In The Wind 4/12/2010
166. Junk In Your Trunk 2/4/2012
167. Justice Is Strong Willed Good 4/12/2010
168. Kate Let A Duck Freeze To Death 2/16/2012
169. Kate's Oubliette 2/3/2012
170. Killer Bees-Knees 2/3/2012
171. Killing Time The Old Fashioned Way 4/13/2010
172. Lady In The Car 2/9/2012
173. Lake Nepesing 2/1/2012
174. Lament And Stinky Toes 2/1/2012
175. Leaky Love 2/4/2012
176. Lengthy Discussion With The Bell Hop 2/3/2012
177. Let Me Be That Boy 2/3/2012
178. Little Bitty Kitty Kat 3/10/2013
179. Long Willie Babbitt 3/6/2013
180. Look Out, Peach Fuzz! 4/13/2010
181. Lost Without Her 4/16/2010
182. Love Barely Escapes The Lobby 2/1/2012
183. Love Indignant 4/13/2010
184. Love Is A Friendly Smile At Twilight 4/12/2010
185. Love Is A Wagon On Wheels 2/3/2012
186. Love Is Nice 2/3/2012
187. Love Is The Last Thing In Space 3/10/2013
188. Love Learned 4/18/2010
189. Love Loves Lovers 2/4/2012
190. Love Me Before You Equate Me 2/3/2012
191. Love Poem 4/12/2010
192. Love Poem Number Too 4/12/2010
193. Lullaby For Money 7/26/2014
194. Masterful Wordmaker 4/12/2010
195. Me And You And Alex 2/16/2012
196. Memories And Introspection 2/1/2012
197. Misery On The Ocean's Lungs 2/1/2012
198. Monkey Money 2/3/2012
199. Monumental Mystery 3/9/2012
200. More Hair! 2/1/2012
Best Poem of John W. McEwers

Where There's Smoke, There's Failure

So it goes like this,
Guy meets girl.
Guy buys flowers.
Girl puts them in a vase.
Guy buys a ring.
Girl says yes.
Guy goes to work.
Girl goes to work.
Guy meets girl.
Girl meets guy.
Guy and girl fight about girl and guy.
Guy leaves work for new work and gets an apartment by himself.
Girl moves over seas and doesn't have to work any more because she has a new guy and the old guy has to send her money from his new work.

Guy writes poems.
Guy writes about new girl and old girl and new guy and work and old friends.
Guy wants to stop working and ...

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Guilty By Condemnation

Take it in
Poem like vacuum Police
Five—oh, really?
There were, really, five of them.
They ate me. They chewed my pleas
When I said “I”
And I said “Didn’t”
And I said “Kill”
And I said “Her”
And I said “Puppy”

Its exhausting being innocent.

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