Joseph T. Renaldi

Freshman - 528 Points (Frackville, Pennsylvania)

Joseph T. Renaldi Poems

1. A Binding Relationship 7/4/2009
2. A Birthday Greeting 10/5/2007
3. A Bountiful Harvest 1/25/2009
4. A Brief Relationship 2/24/2009
5. A Call For World Peace 5/6/2006
6. A Caring Friend 1/24/2008
7. A Caring Mother 4/4/2014
8. A Carpet On The Ground 9/19/2014
9. A Child Is Like A Flowering Rose 8/21/2014
10. A Child Should Have A Pet 5/17/2006
11. A Child's Curiousity 4/4/2014
12. A Child's Sweet Dream 7/12/2012
13. A Coal Region Town 11/3/2005
14. A Combat Friend 12/26/2004
15. A Compassionate Deed 11/2/2005
16. A Compassionate Heart 2/4/2006
17. A Confrontation 11/16/2008
18. A Conscientious Father 6/15/2006
19. A Daily Wish 6/14/2015
20. A Dedicated Runner 5/23/2008
21. A Devoted Teacher 9/8/2007
22. A Devotion To God 7/30/2009
23. A Diploma 5/29/2006
24. A Dog And His Bone 8/7/2013
25. A Door To World Peace 9/29/2007
26. A Dying Soldier 2/23/2008
27. A Few Small Things 7/26/2005
28. A Flickering Flame 7/8/2007
29. A Game Of Football 11/6/2005
30. A Genuine Smile 8/17/2005
31. A Good Samaritan 5/3/2007
32. A Graduation Day Message 5/14/2010
33. A Grieving Mother 12/17/2004
34. A Gruesome Valentine's Day 2/12/2014
35. A Guiding Light 9/28/2006
36. A Halloween Dream 10/19/2007
37. A Halloween Scene 10/21/2007
38. A Helping Hand 11/22/2006
39. A Homily Message 2/9/2007
40. A Honorable Marriage 7/25/2009
Best Poem of Joseph T. Renaldi

Once Upon An Autumn Day

Once Upon an autumn day,
Colorful leaves began to fade
In the midst of a chilly, frosty air
As multitude of trees grew steadily bare.

Once upon an autumn day,
The whispering breeze was here to stay
Moving aimlessly through the countless trees
Scattering leaves with the greatest of ease.

Once upon an autumn day,
The leaves whirled freely in every way,
Until at last they came to rest
Finding a haven in which to nest.

Once upon an autumn day,
The trees were dormant, and the leaves lay
Waiting for the winter snow to fall
To quickly ...

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My Beloved Dog

Today, while I sit in my chair to rest,
I reminisce again the time I love best.
In my mind's eye once more I can see,
My mother is giving a Schnauzer puppy to me.

Gretchen was chosen to be her name,
She was a delight when into our life she came.
We pampered her and watched her grow,
She is intelligent and always curious to know.

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