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1. Hidden # 2 12/17/2011
2. Have You Ever 12/17/2011
3. Mommy 12/18/2011
4. This Christmas 12/25/2011
5. I Suppose 4/9/2012
6. Shed No More Tears 4/9/2012
7. Breath 7/17/2012
8. Death Becomes Friend? 7/17/2012
9. The Guy Jay 1/12/2014
10. Anger 7/17/2012
11. Still I Rise 7/17/2012
12. Mother 7/17/2012
13. Why Angry And Sad? 12/17/2011
14. Suicide! ! 12/17/2011
15. Happy Brithday Dad 12/18/2011
16. When I Look In The Mirror 12/17/2011
17. Death 7/17/2012
18. Oh Girl Its You 3/8/2014
19. Suicide 7/17/2012
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Suicide, suicide
Your presence is near
Suicide, suicide
I wish you were here
Suicide, suicide
Take me away
Suicide, suicide
Please make it today
Suicide, suicide
An answer, for me
Suicide, suicide
I need to escape, be free
Suicide, suicide
I've had too much
Suicide, suicide
Take me, do your touch
Suicide, suicide
Leave the rest behind
Suicide, suicide
You're all over my mind
Suicide, suicide
Let me pass in peace
Suicide, suicide
I need to release

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Have You Ever

Have you ever cried so hard that your face turned red
that your head hurted so bad you wished you were dead.
tried to kill yourself but the pain hurted to much so you yelled at the mirror screamed and
fussed you wanted to say something else but you didn't wanna cuss.so you laid
in your room with the door locked lights off so one can see you..you cry your eyes out or at least
tried to.have you ever talked to yourself while thinking hateful things saying how much you
hate yourself and yo

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