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1. Til Death Do Us Part 5/17/2007
2. The Non-Exisisting Days 5/17/2007
3. A Glass Perfection 5/17/2007
4. An Actress Of Sorts 5/17/2007
5. Some Unhealthy Self Examining 5/18/2007
6. Waiting 5/18/2007
7. An Ode To The Modern Day Kitchen 5/18/2007
8. Darling Alexa 5/18/2007
9. The Most Impressive Man 5/18/2007
10. Look 5/18/2007
11. Haiku's 5/18/2007
12. Second Guessing 5/18/2007
13. For Gracie 5/18/2007
14. Leave It At That 5/20/2007
15. A Sign That Says Away 5/17/2007
16. The Enchantment 5/17/2007
17. Such A Plague 5/17/2007
18. The Sweetest Slumber 5/18/2007
19. Winter Sun 5/18/2007
20. Symphony 5/18/2007
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The Non-Exisisting Days

It feels wrong for the sun to be shining
And I don't feel much like rain
Today life should stand still
I can't tell if anythings changed

I feel on the edge of tears
But I want nothing more then to sincerely smile
While life keeps on going
I can't tell if anythings the same

Think of yesterday thoughts
Let the tears swell up
Hold them back again
Just for them to pour out
Don't let them see you cry
They'll just ask and you'll just lie

I lay staring at the ceiling
Waiting for something to save me
From my boredom and insecurity
From ...

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Happiness I've waited.
And Happiness I've tried.
And if you never come
Who can count all the tears I've cried?

Lonliness you've huanted
And Lonliness you lurk
And if you stay much longer
Then how will my heart work?

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