Kevin Campbell

Rookie (06 Dec 1960 / Hamilton Scotland)

Kevin Campbell Poems

1. My Insperation 12/15/2006
2. The Fairytale Dance 12/16/2006
3. Vanity 12/16/2006
4. A Gift From Me To You 12/16/2006
5. Day Dreams 12/17/2006
6. One Way Conversation 12/17/2006
7. The Chamelions Game 12/17/2006
8. Im No Knight In Shining Armour 12/18/2006
9. Let Me Show You The Roses 12/15/2006
10. Tramps 12/15/2006
11. Some Silly Lines 12/15/2006
12. The Ordeal Of Youth 12/15/2006
13. If I Had A Wish 12/15/2006
14. Opera Karaoke 12/18/2006
15. The Newspapers 12/19/2006
16. Working For The Man 12/19/2006
17. Speed 12/21/2006
18. We Had A Laugh 12/21/2006
19. Heroin (The Last Neddle) 12/21/2006
20. The Proposal (A Long Long Time Ago) 12/22/2006
21. Regrets Ive Had A Few (Too Many Drinks For Me To Mention) 12/26/2006
22. Creative Navigation Of Language 12/27/2006
23. Seduced By The Music 12/19/2006
24. No! 12/19/2006
25. Violin Strings 12/19/2006
26. A Nomad Of Relationships(A Heavy Moment Lol) 12/30/2006
27. Misty 12/31/2006
28. A Horse Called Bad News 12/19/2006
29. A Visit To An Asylum 12/19/2006
30. A Poem From The Past 1/3/2007
31. A Soldier Once Just A Man Forever 1/5/2007
32. Feelings 1/6/2007
33. Lets Make Love 1/6/2007
34. Elvis Costello Records 1/7/2007
35. A One Night Stand (The Girl Who Couldnt Smile) 1/8/2007
36. The High Horse Of Love 1/13/2007
37. A Thank You To Misty 1/14/2007
38. The Star World 1/14/2007
39. A Single Malt 1/14/2007
40. The Unvalentine 1/14/2007
Best Poem of Kevin Campbell

My Hopes

Theres so many things in this life
That we can not explain
I hope that on the other side
We will meet again

I hope that by this time
We will understand
I hope that our souls
Will be joined in heart and hand

I hope that god tests our love
When we are on this plain
And that he has the wisdom
To join us once again

I hope that we can open up
And give this love a chance
So we can be together
In heart, in soul and hand

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Stolen Lines

And I may call you a thing devine
Wrote Shakespear in a Tempest line
My love is like a red red rose
Wrote Burns in ancient Scottish prose

These words though old stand the test of time
Though compaired to you there a childish rhyme
For your beauty and fairness no words can describe
From the greatest of plays to the sweetest of rhymes

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