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Leon Agnew

Poems of Leon Agnew

101. Trouble Not Thyself 2/28/2010
102. Typhlops Russellii 3/2/2010
103. Unwilling 5/15/2010
104. What Else? 5/6/2010
105. What I Told Her 3/2/2010
106. Why The Caged Bird Screams 2/28/2010
107. Worthless 3/1/2010
108. 'X's On Faces 3/2/2010

Eulogy of the Blind Son

God rest the soul of the blind son
Who could not bear the light of day.
Though he may have failed, God rest him
And give him your love anyway.
Though you are good and he was not,
Give him your mercy anyway.
How can man ever understand
What lies beyond and far away?
So who should judge the blind, blind son

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