Treasure Island

Louie Vetter


Poems of Louie Vetter

1. Another World 9/22/2011
2. Harvest Blessings 9/29/2011
3. Let's End This War On Christmas 12/17/2011
4. September 9/21/2011
5. Stoic Stone 10/27/2011
6. The Perils of Uncle Jack 10/1/2011
7. The Unborn's Plea 11/30/2011
8. What Is Christmas? 12/25/2011
9. Wolf vs Wolf, Truth vs Sin 10/11/2011

Stoic Stone

</>A boulder lays on everymans stair
Be it big or small but it is there
Its how we cope with that stoic stone
That defines our life and makes our home.

The rock at Dillan's door was huge beyond belief
He could take what he was given, or he could wallow in his grief
Either one or the other, but he had a choice to make
Which way will he go, there is so much at stake

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