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39. I Thought It Was A Gift. 6/8/2012
40. I'M Sure You Hear It Too. 6/8/2012
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Broken Feathered Bird

Broken feathered bird, don't mourn your wing.
You can't fly, but oh you can sing.
You can sing of your dreams in which you soar,
You can sing of your hopes that form your core.

You can dream of your hopes, and hope for your dreams.
Mayhaps you find there's more to broken feathers than as it seems.

Broken feathered bird, please don't despair,
Broken feathered bird, there are people who care.

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Are those tears of guilt I see,
running down your face?
Your blood-stained hands
and wounded face,
telling more than you would want.

You carry many burdens,
that much i can tell,
but do you really want to follow the path,

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