Mark Heathcote

Gold Star - 18,149 Points [none] (22/03/66 / Manchester)

Mark Heathcote Poems

1. To Seed The Steps Of Heaven 8/21/2011
2. The Garden 8/21/2011
3. The Rose And The Bumble Bee… 8/21/2011
4. Pale White Beauty 8/21/2011
5. Candle-Wax-Sky 8/21/2011
6. The Lord Of Catchers-Can 8/21/2011
7. The Music Of One's Love 8/21/2011
8. Nicknames For Aislinn 8/21/2011
9. Divergent Rivers 8/21/2011
10. Schizophrenics 8/21/2011
11. That’s What They At The Asylum Now Say 8/24/2011
12. The Bell Of Knutsford’s Many Throng 8/24/2011
13. Little Bug… 8/24/2011
14. Hang Me A Door With Gables Bright! 8/24/2011
15. Language Is The Kingdom 8/24/2011
16. To Err Is Human ‘songstresses’. 2/3/2012
17. Flightless Angels Shall Fervently Stare 2/3/2012
18. Once They Spall-Sparkled Like Foxglove! 2/3/2012
19. The Night Runs In Fear Of The Dreamer 2/3/2012
20. The Oohs And Oh’s... Of A Winter Rose 2/3/2012
21. Even The Cuckoo Has To Find Its Layer... 2/3/2012
22. No Louder Than The Snoring Tigers Lolling Tongue! 2/3/2012
23. Haiku 2/3/2012
24. Cemetery Walks… 2/3/2012
25. Love Kept Her For A Teacup 2/3/2012
26. Lord My Love Don’t You Know…? 2/3/2012
27. Minted And Crowned 2/3/2012
28. Where The Moonlight And I Repine 2/3/2012
29. Harvey’s: Lullaby… 2/3/2012
30. The Path Of A Six Year Old Believer! 2/3/2012
31. The Truth About Ruth… 2/3/2012
32. What Was She Doing, There? 2/3/2012
33. Think Again! 2/3/2012
34. The Poet's Trinity 2/3/2012
35. Why Did The Star Dust Dance 2/3/2012
36. Where; Did All The Wood Garlic—go? 2/3/2012
37. The Physical Scent Of Life Has Gone… 2/7/2012
38. Over New; Greens Seas Drip-Fed 2/8/2012
39. Asexual 2/16/2012
40. The Jarring Of A Midnight's Dew 2/16/2012
Best Poem of Mark Heathcote

For A Straggling-Stalk Of Green Corn

With barely a whisper
I was almost blown over
Like a straggling-stalk
Of green corn, I'm bent
But, I'm Strong, and I'll
Bounce back and sparkle
Like a bangle of gold.

O' with barely a whisper
I was almost blown over
By that towering boy
Who left his father's farm?
To be a soldier
Who looks over his shoulder?
Counting the days till I, get older.

O' with barely a whisper
I was almost blown over
When he whispers my name
And carves a tree, with his-
And my name!
With a heart, an arrow going through.

O' he'll holster his ...

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Hopes & Tears

All hopes & tears
Will condensate
in the souls
and hearts of all you’ve loved
and blossom on & on…
into a new eternal plane
where the sun
is always cordially, shining
because you have such
A deep emotion
and passion truly felt
And understood,
worth its salt
in sharing…

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