Mark Heathcote

Gold Star - 12,791 Points [none] (22/03/66 / Manchester)

Mark Heathcote Poems

1. Often I'm Like Some Noisy Raccoon -new- 2/8/2016
2. Battleships... -new- 2/6/2016
3. Clockwork Toy -new- 2/7/2016
4. 'I Know That I Know Nothing' -new- 2/7/2016
5. Harvest Moon  -new- 2/7/2016
6. Our Lord Forgives 1/1/2016
7. Elephants' Graveyard 1/2/2016
8. Ghosts Don't Know 1/2/2016
9. Is It All A Load Of Pollock's? 1/3/2016
10. Until I Go Completely Out Of My Mind 1/3/2016
11. Speak From The Yolk Sac Of Your Crocus Lips 1/3/2016
12. They Say It's Too Late Its Karma 1/3/2016
13. Time Traveller... 1/5/2016
14. Listen To The Voices Of Our Forefathers 1/7/2016
15. Will You Not Ask Me In? 3/25/2015
16. Fledgling Bird At My Door 3/26/2015
17. Every Second An Eternity Prolongs 9/16/2015
18. For Every Corpse There Is A Vulture 9/16/2015
19. Young Vines That Creek? 9/17/2015
20. A Gentleman’s Question 9/17/2015
21. I’ll Do Whatever It Partakes 9/17/2015
22. I’m The People’s Number One 9/17/2015
23. I’m Your Maintenance Manager 9/17/2015
24. You Are My One And Only Abyss 9/17/2015
25. Parachute Seeds, Haiku 9/18/2015
26. Old Man… 1/7/2016
27. Five Cotton Haikus Making A Song 1/8/2016
28. Sing Me A Drunken Gospel (Song) 1/8/2016
29. Anadolu Ponies 1/9/2016
30. Truly, There's Never Two Of Anything… 1/12/2016
31. The Self-Portrait 1/12/2016
32. Voices Of Space Dust In Your Night Sky 1/13/2016
33. His Love Belongs To Everyone 1/13/2016
34. All Costs, Without Any Of The Blame 1/13/2016
35. I'm A Thorn In The Side Of Love 1/13/2016
36. I'd Like To Shake Hands With The One 1/14/2016
37. No Regrets… 1/14/2016
38. A Cup Half Full 1/14/2016
39. Love Has No… 1/14/2016
40. Praise And Thanks 1/14/2016
Best Poem of Mark Heathcote

River Street Urchins

River street urchins,
The gutters are swelling.
[Waiting…] for the sky—you and I
To reach—the storm drains of joy.
Before we go…
Before we let, go.
We too will rain…

River street urchins,
Before we go…
Before we let, go.
We too will rain…
River street urchins…

Paupers oh, so giving, don't you know.
We'll queue in the streets
And pray to be free!
Till we go…
Before we let, go.
We too will rain…
On every official bank holiday parade:

Till we're free, till we're free
Till we're free, till we're free
Till we're ...

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Pellucid blue-eyes, whoever told you to-be-wise
whoever told you; you could dream, beyond the
Moon-lit, monolithic, midnight-skies.
Drink the midnight curtain of sleep
into the waking hours…
Where dreams can sublimely creep
Around; like a carnivorous green-flower
like a sun-spider sunning on a rock
like a worm in the pippin of an eye

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