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Mark Heathcote Poems

681. I Remember My Own Insanities… 6/16/2012
682. I Sang And I Satirized 6/11/2014
683. I Sat Beneath A Bodhi Tree 5/27/2015
684. I Share Your Hopes 6/15/2016
685. I Stop The Waves 8/28/2014
686. I Tried To Love You 1/28/2016
687. I Want Nothing, I Want It All… 10/3/2015
688. I Want To Be A Hapless, Happy Bee 3/16/2015
689. I Want Your Love Nothing More… 1/21/2015
690. I Was A Friday Night! 3/30/2015
691. I Wish We'D Brighter Days With Daffodils 1/11/2015
692. I Won’t Cry For Help 5/26/2015
693. I’d An Overview To Marrying You 8/3/2015
694. I’d Like To Be Known As Sassy Miss Sally 10/23/2013
695. I’ll Do Whatever It Partakes 9/17/2015
696. I’ll Just Show You Another Part Of You 11/30/2015
697. I’ll Ne’er Put A Foot In France 10/15/2013
698. I’ll Work My Fingers To The Bone 5/11/2014
699. I’m A Firework 9/14/2015
700. I’m A Virginal Artist 2/11/2014
701. I’m Dreaming Of An Indian Summer 7/8/2013
702. I’m For Higher Climbs Not A Wannabe 10/26/2015
703. I’m Hoisting Up My Beehive Hair 3/14/2014
704. I’m Holding On To A String 1/8/2014
705. I’m Only Half Way To The Moon 4/21/2013
706. I’m Sand Pearl 5/17/2015
707. I’m Sure I’m Not A Singer 11/1/2013
708. I’m Tailored Towards You 9/9/2015
709. I’m The People’s Number One 9/17/2015
710. I’m Turned Inside Out 2/23/2014
711. I’m Your Maintenance Manager 9/17/2015
712. I’ve Delved The Dirt 9/27/2015
713. I’ve Got A Weakness, Maybe 1/7/2014
714. I’ve Got A Whisper To Chase… 3/14/2014
715. I’ve Got My Alimony… 2/14/2014
716. Ice Sculptures 3/11/2013
717. I'd Like The Wind To Be My Publisher 4/12/2016
718. I'd Like To Shake Hands With The One 1/14/2016
719. I'D Pluck The Stars For Flowers 8/29/2014
720. I'D Try My Best At Sleeping 1/24/2015
Best Poem of Mark Heathcote

River Street Urchins

River street urchins
The gutters are swelling
[Waiting] for the sky—you, I
To reach—the storm drains of joy.
Before we go
Before we let go.
We too will rain

River street urchins
Before we go
Before we let go.
We too will rain
River street urchins

Paupers oh, so giving, don't you know.
We'll queue in the streets
And pray to be free
Till we go
Before we let go.
We too will rain
On every official bank holiday parade:

Till we're free till we're free
Till we're free till we're free
Till we're free to go
We'll never ...

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Pellucid blue-eyes, whoever told you to-be-wise
whoever told you; you could dream, beyond the
Moon, lit, monolithic, midnight-skies.
Drink the midnight curtain of sleep
into the waking hours…
Where dreams can sublimely creep
Around; like a carnivorous green-flower
like a sun-spider sunning on a rock
like a worm in the pippin of an eye

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