Mark Heathcote

Gold Star - 19,400 Points [none] (22/03/66 / Manchester)

Mark Heathcote Poems

721. I Love You To Death 10/5/2014
722. I Miss Missing You 7/4/2016
723. I Miss Your Flesh 10/1/2013
724. I Need A Bucket Of Water 7/14/2013
725. I Nurse My Heart, My Right To Love You 12/5/2015
726. I Omit, You Are My North Star My Beacon 6/22/2013
727. I Really Don’t Want To Cry 5/17/2015
728. I Remember My Own Insanities… 6/16/2012
729. I Sang And I Satirized 6/11/2014
730. I Sat Beneath A Bodhi Tree 5/27/2015
731. I See It's A Journey Just To Hang Around 11/12/2016
732. I Share Your Hopes 6/15/2016
733. I Speak Of The Devil 11/13/2016
734. I Stop The Waves 8/28/2014
735. I Tried To Love You 1/28/2016
736. I Want Nothing, I Want It All… 10/3/2015
737. I Want To Be A Hapless, Happy Bee 3/16/2015
738. I Want Your Love Nothing More… 1/21/2015
739. I Was A Friday Night! 3/30/2015
740. I Wish We'D Brighter Days With Daffodils 1/11/2015
741. I Won’t Cry For Help 5/26/2015
742. I’d An Overview To Marrying You 8/3/2015
743. I’d Like To Be Known As Sassy Miss Sally 10/23/2013
744. I’ll Do Whatever It Partakes 9/17/2015
745. I’ll Just Show You Another Part Of You 11/30/2015
746. I’ll Ne’er Put A Foot In France 10/15/2013
747. I’ll Work My Fingers To The Bone 5/11/2014
748. I’m A Firework 9/14/2015
749. I’m A Virginal Artist 2/11/2014
750. I’m Dreaming Of An Indian Summer 7/8/2013
751. I’m For Higher Climbs Not A Wannabe 10/26/2015
752. I’m Hoisting Up My Beehive Hair 3/14/2014
753. I’m Holding On To A String 1/8/2014
754. I’m Only Half Way To The Moon 4/21/2013
755. I’m Sand Pearl 5/17/2015
756. I’m Sure I’m Not A Singer 11/1/2013
757. I’m Tailored Towards You 9/9/2015
758. I’m The People’s Number One 9/17/2015
759. I’m Turned Inside Out 2/23/2014
760. I’m Your Maintenance Manager 9/17/2015
Best Poem of Mark Heathcote

Two Poems Of Two Line Poems

The still pools reflection, what clarity, within its deepest depths it holds?
Until a trouble mind bestirs, silts of time. Looking for what else unfolds.

In comes morning, hauling death. Don't close your eyes
There's only another fifty years worthless wondering left.

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The Bride

Hewn from the strata of galaxies demure!
Inured with witchcraft; heartbreakingly, pure.
The bride wears her wedding-dress like haute-couture
Dressed in her heavenly gown made by Channel or Dior!

Poised like a vision, sumptuously, dressed and veiled.
She; supernatural swan like sailed…
Stunningly, intoxicating; like a little creature divine!
She takes up her grooms arm whispers thou, shall be mine.

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