Mark Heathcote

Gold Star - 19,786 Points [none] (22/03/66 / Manchester)

Mark Heathcote Poems

161. Art Is It A Finger On The Pulse -^- 10/3/2016
162. As A Cloud Seated To Envelope A Mountain 2/16/2012
163. As Ever I Did When 2/8/2016
164. As I Light Up The World 5/23/2013
165. As Summer Ends Autumn Begins 10/15/2015
166. As The Petals Fall 3/26/2014
167. As They Sing For Our Troubles 11/23/2016
168. Asexual 2/16/2012
169. Ashtray Blues 4/16/2013
170. Ask The Waterfall To Stop Singing 10/8/2014
171. At A Certain Age 3/2/2016
172. At Dusk As I Urged The Fish Too Bite 5/31/2012
173. At That Moment In The Beginning Of Your Life 12/19/2015
174. At This Stage Of Life 'you No-Longer Annoy' 12/5/2015
175. Autism 8/26/2015
176. Autumn Breeze, Wanders Purposeful 2/16/2012
177. Autumn Haiku 12/19/2012
178. Autumn Sonnet 9/7/2014
179. Avalanche 4/11/2013
180. Avenge Your Tears 11/13/2016
181. Baby I Should Question Why I Love You 10/7/2013
182. Baby Talk 10/20/2016
183. 'Baby Talk" 8/27/2014
184. Back On Earth 7/6/2013
185. Barefoot Instalments 10/30/2015
186. Barfly… 10/27/2015
187. Barometer Reading 8/24/2015
188. Bat An Eye 5/17/2015
189. Bat An Eyelid And All's A Forgotten Anguish 10/2/2014
190. Battleships... 2/6/2016
191. Be Careful Child Before You Fall 12/28/2014
192. Be Found In Elevations High 7/13/2014
193. Be Like The Wind Ever Watchful 4/13/2014
194. Be Like Wind Ever Watchful... 11/25/2012
195. Be My Amalthea Tender Goddess 9/30/2014
196. Be The Comet That Collides With Me 8/12/2015
197. Be Then He A Man Who Is Manly 11/25/2012
198. Be Who God Wants You To Be 4/2/2016
199. Beautiful Creations 4/13/2014
200. Beautiful Stranger 9/28/2013
Best Poem of Mark Heathcote

Roses Are On Fire

A river of stars
A bed of roses still in bud
We're but water lilies
Learning to be rainbows
With comet ribbons of light.

Where a thorn of passion cuts
Bled itself out red in the valleys.
I find lust is my ground-blanket
But it's always bitterly cold
Black ashen as a moonlit cloak.

I long to kiss the earth
Be one day returned to the dust
The smoke that engines a star
To glow red and orange
I long to be another solitary seed.

Waiting for its roots to cleave
Cut a blade of green corn
But I'm like a phoenix born
Without any ...

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The Garden

The garden is a living cell
A Monet' of colour
and still reflection!

Its life is onwards moving…
But still like the sun
forever in dusk or dawn:

A theatre of hearts

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