Mark Heathcote

Silver Star - 3,597 Points [none] (22/03/66 / Manchester)

Mark Heathcote Poems

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197. Choose Your Own Analogy 8/16/2014
198. Circle Of Life 7/6/2013
199. Circles & Ripples 1/16/2014
200. Clairvoyant Landscapes Moving Yet Frozen 10/17/2012
Best Poem of Mark Heathcote

River Street Urchins

River street urchins,
The gutters are swelling.
[Waiting…] for the sky—you and I
To reach—the storm drains of joy.
Before we go…
Before we let, go.
We too will rain…

River street urchins,
Before we go…
Before we let, go.
We too will rain…
River street urchins…

Paupers oh, so giving, don't you know.
We'll queue in the streets
And pray to be free!
Till we go…
Before we let, go.
We too will rain…
On every official bank holiday parade:

Till we're free, till we're free
Till we're free, till we're free
Till we're ...

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The Bride

Hewn from the strata of galaxies demure!
Inured with witchcraft; heartbreakingly, pure.
The bride wears her wedding-dress like haute-couture
Dressed in her heavenly gown made by Channel or Dior!

Poised like a vision, sumptuously, dressed and veiled.
She; supernatural swan like sailed…
Stunningly, intoxicating; like a little creature divine!
She takes up her grooms arm whispers thou, shall be mine.

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