Treasure Island

Matthew Kraft

Poems of Matthew Kraft

1. A Thought 12/22/2009
2. Insomnia 12/22/2009
3. Poetry 12/28/2009
4. Prison 1/11/2010
5. Reflections 1/11/2010
6. Seasons 12/22/2009
7. The Cycle 12/22/2009
8. The Thread 12/17/2009
9. What Paradise? 12/22/2009


These sleepless nights I lie awake
What is real and what is fake
This sleepless slumber will not end
Hours last for days and start to blend

Tossing and turning just like my thoughts
Things from my past have me fraught
As time goes on my sanity leaves
My sight is vague my mind deceives

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