Matthew Kraft

Poems of Matthew Kraft

1. A Thought 12/22/2009
2. Insomnia 12/22/2009
3. Poetry 12/28/2009
4. Prison 1/11/2010
5. Reflections 1/11/2010
6. Seasons 12/22/2009
7. The Cycle 12/22/2009
8. The Thread 12/17/2009
9. What Paradise? 12/22/2009

The Thread

This long hair sticks out of my chest.
I yank and pull with much distress.
I pull and strain with all of my might,
This mighty long hair is putting up a mighty long fight.
And then i take a moment to see
What I'm unraveling is really me.
I do not like what i see.
So i sow back together what i think i should be

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