Matthew Kraft

Poems of Matthew Kraft

1. A Thought 12/22/2009
2. Insomnia 12/22/2009
3. Poetry 12/28/2009
4. Prison 1/11/2010
5. Reflections 1/11/2010
6. Seasons 12/22/2009
7. The Cycle 12/22/2009
8. The Thread 12/17/2009
9. What Paradise? 12/22/2009

A Thought

When something is broke it is never truly broken.
A memory is just added where what’s missing should be.
Who is missing is never truly lost,
For the lost never know where they are.
What we know cannot be known forever,
Because everything changes with time.
Where I’ve been darkness holds the lever,
To a fate that remains to be mine.
How is something that is gone not gone forever?

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