Treasure Island

Melikhaya Zagagana

[Living in a world where people have nothing to give but every desire to receive!]

Poems of Melikhaya Zagagana

1. A flag in sadness 2/2/2014
2. A Passing Stranger By Laura's House -new- 9/20/2014
3. A Shallow Thought Sinked A Frog 3/8/2014
4. A tick in the neck 12/27/2013
5. A word for my son 1/26/2014
6. Admiring Dave 2/16/2014
7. All are Taken, All are Gone -new- 9/20/2014
8. An early journey through the rocks 4/19/2014
9. An old Song 5/24/2014
10. And deadly dear, deadly to wait! 9/6/2014
11. And The Aids Says 7/2/2013
12. Bell Ringers 2/22/2014
13. Black Cremation 3/8/2014
14. By the Will in chill 5/30/2014
15. Casting rand 5/11/2014
16. Contemplation of the unknown 8/29/2014
17. Covets of the lost Orchid 2/8/2014
18. Damage in Somme 5/11/2014
19. Death Is Still True 3/16/2014
20. Disunity 2/21/2014

Price Of Obedience

Fortunate are those who know their purpose
In life, for they will lead a life of happiness
And honest sophistication, free of blunders

Blessed are those who have an early ear to hear,
For they will follow a principled life with less
Regrets but abundance of success and motivated
Generations and generations and generations

[Hata Bildir]