Melvina Germain

Gold Star - 25,203 Points [Antoleza] (Sydney, Nova Scotia)

Melvina Germain Poems

1. A Legend Lives 5/28/2015
2. Happy Mother's Day (To My Mama) 5/28/2015
3. That's All I Want 6/2/2015
4. Tis Love 6/2/2015
5. Micro Poem (Untitled) 6/2/2015
6. Melancholy Blues 6/2/2015
7. I Weep Again 6/2/2015
8. That's Me 6/5/2015
9. Walking To My Death 6/5/2015
10. Last Breath 6/5/2015
11. The Real Deal 6/6/2015
12. Cry For Peace 6/6/2015
13. Paramnesia 6/6/2015
14. Born Again 6/13/2015
15. Women 6/13/2015
16. Chilled 6/13/2015
17. Cocoo & Okra 6/13/2015
18. Conscience Revelation 6/13/2015
19. Embracing You 6/13/2015
20. Shhhhhhh 6/13/2015
21. Silence Can Be An Insult 6/13/2015
22. Anticipating 6/13/2015
23. Good Night Michael (Dedicated To Michael Brown & Family) 6/13/2015
24. Let The Feathers Heed Warning 6/13/2015
25. Fairy Princess Of Thy Sea 6/13/2015
26. The Cotton Tree (Haiku) 6/13/2015
27. The Wild Orchid (Haiku) 6/13/2015
28. Blueberries 6/13/2015
29. God Bless Our Veterans...(Our Veterans Deserve Better) 6/13/2015
30. Rest My Angel Rest 6/13/2015
31. You Are Your Own Best Friend (You May Or May Not Relate To This) 6/13/2015
32. A Moment Reveals 6/13/2015
33. The Time Will Come 6/13/2015
34. I See The Love 6/13/2015
35. I Carry You With Me 6/13/2015
36. My Goddess And Me 6/13/2015
37. Mommy I'M Gay 6/13/2015
38. Inoculated To The Bone 6/13/2015
39. Loss 6/13/2015
40. My Sad Soul (Dedicated To Donna Lohnes) 6/13/2015
Best Poem of Melvina Germain

(375) Faded Red Dress

There you were a sight to behold,
quietly sleeping, in shimmering folds.
No heart to disturb your precious rest,
I left you lying there in a faded red dress.

Dream my darling dream as only you can
listen to the song birds, hold them in your hand

I’ll take a walk several blocks away,
When I return we’ll start our day.
beautiful morning, bright and clear,
a glimpse of your shadow mystically near.

Dream my darling dream as only you can
Listen to the song birds, hold them in your hand

Your body laid still, no breathing came.
Fell to my ...

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Spiritual Warmth

The warmth, beauty and spell of spirit...You know when a family member or good friend passes on, I do experience sadness. The only reason I do so is knowing I can't see them in the flesh and won't be able to carry on that same vocal conversation. Well at the same time I smile knowing they no longer reside in the flesh body but have taken on that spiritual existence which to me indicates life goes on and a beautiful beginning takes place.
I've learned over the years that they are only a whisper

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