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16. Waving To Moments Passing By 1/12/2009
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Waving To Moments Passing By

Moments happy moments
people think about them
people write about them
people talk about them
people hope about them
I see moments
lots of moments
but I wave to my moments
as they pass me by...

My life is a ship
on an Ocean deep
passing by is the ship 'Could've been'
it holds all my moments in its keep
I stand on my lifes deck
waving to moments till they're just a speck

Moments happy moments
people live them
people grab them
people make them
people savour them
but I wave to my moments
as they pass me by...
Goodbye ...

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The Illuminated Stone

Once there was a rock
holding onto a Blackened sky

'Twas one night when
moon said to Rock
Let me light you...

'No' said rock
'this can not

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