Michelle Melody

Poems of Michelle Melody

1. Viva la difference... 11/29/2009
2. A useless trade 1/16/2009
3. Crumpled Up Poems 2/25/2014
4. Crystal Clear 2/25/2014
5. Death of imagination... in memory of... 1/20/2009
6. druiwe van die wingerd op die aarde 2/26/2014
7. Enough 11/10/2011
8. Eulogy 4/20/2009
9. I am of the opinion 1/7/2009
10. Ironic 1/14/2009
11. I've made my peace with war 1/11/2009
12. Light... 1/6/2009
13. Love in the confectionary isle 1/19/2009
14. The Illuminated Stone 1/14/2009
15. The Left Hand 11/15/2011
16. Waving to moments passing by 1/12/2009
17. You're such a snob...you're nothing but a gossiping Dior Label! 11/29/2009


Crystal waters the flow and ebb...
The roll roll roll of a stone so dead
the Butterfly flown into a Spidersweb
the corrupted one once so white and pure
eenzy weenzy Spider with your web to allure...

In a tabernakel the corrupt crying for pardon please
the Spider laughs at her on her knees
one more round before I give the keys...

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