1. This Dream 10/28/2008
2. Friends Forever 10/29/2008
3. Why Didn'T I Stop Her? 11/4/2008
4. In A Dream? 11/4/2008
5. Please, Help Me! 11/6/2008
6. He Looked At Me! ! ! 3/16/2009
7. Can'T Wait 4/9/2009
8. There Are Times! 10/28/2008
9. Just A Little Deeper 3/12/2009
10. I Miss You 10/28/2008
11. Why Can'T They Get Along? 11/4/2008
12. Do They? 10/21/2008
13. You Aren'T Alone! 11/4/2008
14. Graduation 11/4/2008
15. Why Did He Lie? 10/28/2008
16. Be Free 10/27/2008

Be Free

Birds waking me up in the morning light.
I know today will turn out all right
Today is going to be full of fun.
I can’t wait to be in the morning sun.
Walking alone in the most beautiful trees
All I can feel upon my skin is the breeze.
My thoughts and imagination go free
All I want is to spend time is with me.
People wonder if everything is okay
Times like these I just don’t know what to say.
They know that I will move on in time.
Deep down I know that I will be fine.
I want you to know that I’ve moved on.
Please now that I won’t forget that you are ...

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Do They?

Do angels exist in this chaotic world we know?
Is it true that their wings look like the snow?
Is it true that they are on our very streets?
Is it true that angels do help us get up on our feet?
Are angels tears really the raindrops that fall from the sky?
Are angels here to answer our questions like how and why?
Yes, I truly do believe that angels are for real.
They are the ones that know how I truly feel.
Yes, they are here to listen to us night and day.

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