Treasure Island



1. Be Free 10/27/2008
2. Can't Wait 4/9/2009
3. Do They? 10/21/2008
4. Friends Forever 10/29/2008
5. Graduation 11/4/2008
6. He Looked at Me! ! ! 3/16/2009
7. I Miss You 10/28/2008
8. In a dream? 11/4/2008
9. Just a Little Deeper 3/12/2009
10. PLEASE, HELP ME! 11/6/2008
11. There are times! 10/28/2008
12. This Dream 10/28/2008
13. Why can't they get along? 11/4/2008
14. Why Did He Lie? 10/28/2008
15. Why didn't I stop her? 11/4/2008
16. You aren't alone! 11/4/2008

This Dream

This dream is driving her up the wall.
Every night she can hear them call.
She doesn’t want to go to sleep at night.
But people always tell her its all right.
She’s walking and she knows what she’ll see.
Down a long hall then she bumps her knee.
Doesn't pay attention to what's around.
She stops at a closed door; she hears a sound.
The next thing she hears is someone calling out.

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