Treasure Island

Naim Frashëri

Poems of Naim Frashëri

1. "History of Scanderbeg" excerpt from Canto V 8/25/2012
2. Hope 8/25/2012
3. Oh mountains of Albania 8/25/2012
4. Qerbelaja 8/25/2012
5. The Flute 8/25/2012
6. The Words of the Candle 8/25/2012

The Words of the Candle

Here among you have I risen,
And aflame am I now blazing,
Just a bit of light to give you,
That I change your night to daytime,
I'll combust and I will wither,
Be consumed and be extinguished,
Just to give you brightness, vision,
That you notice one another,
For you will I fade and tarnish,

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