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Nat Z. Punx Poems

1. The Central Scrrrrrrrutinizer 8/18/2006
2. The 151st Poem 8/18/2006
3. Anyone Can Do This 8/19/2006
4. Dizzy Poem 8/19/2006
5. Last One On Friday Night 8/19/2006
6. A Liar Of Saturday Mornings 8/19/2006
7. Walter Mitty Drops Acid And Is Found Wallowing In A Fallow Corn Field At 2 Am 8/19/2006
8. Another Hard Roll East 8/22/2006
9. Suddenly The Future Looks Bright 8/23/2006
10. The Top Of The Hill 8/25/2006
11. Shadow Boxing 9/7/2006
12. Cruel To Be Kind 9/11/2006
13. The Hack 9/12/2006
14. As Daytime Dwindles Into Dusk, The Annointed Muse Calls For More Wine 7/12/2006
15. The Mode Less Babbled 7/14/2006
16. Examining The Core 7/18/2006
17. Holiday Inn Twilight 7/23/2006
18. Ode To Ethyl Vermin 7/26/2006
19. What Brings Me To This Dank Listless Channel Of The Cyberhypnoid? 8/3/2006
20. I Often Feel Inferior To Artists When I Find Beauty In Mass Produced Goods 8/4/2006
21. Dead Head Poem 8/13/2006
22. Drunk, Up Too Late, And The Mice Are Pissing Me Off 8/16/2006
23. What I Really Think Of Virginia 8/16/2006
24. Sheepish Grin 8/16/2006
25. Prolific Slacker 8/18/2006
26. Rebellion Of Truth 5/13/2006
27. Traveled Seven Ice Ages, Only One Fatal Dui 5/19/2006
28. Steppenwolf Revisited (With A Little Help From Zimmy) 8/8/2006
29. The Trinity 8/8/2006
30. Mork The Dork 8/9/2006
31. Two Bottle Poem 8/10/2006
32. Sick Day 8/10/2006
33. Short Note To A Stereo Thief 5/24/2006
34. Treasure 5/24/2006
35. Cold Rain In May 5/24/2006
36. Blame It On The Arabs 6/11/2006
37. Upon Receiving A Late Night Guest 6/20/2006
38. Take Them When They Come 6/20/2006
39. Time Marches To The End Of Time 6/29/2006
40. Where Are You Going Anyway? 7/2/2006
Best Poem of Nat Z. Punx

Don'T Mctell

i'm having a problem now
listening to blind willie mctell
i don't want it to end
don't want to hear it again
just don't want it to end
has me in a quiet lucid trance
they do indeed
strut their feathers well

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Last One On Friday Night

i never had a family
people put me here
as i did others
i still say
i never had a family
times i get irritated
that people assume i am different
because i choose to be
well, i guess i do
i have the choice
to be a blithering self concious idiot
or different
wouldn't you too
choose the freak?

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