Treasure Island

Nicki Luvetti

(October 25,1996 / Theif River Falls, Minnesota... (Living in New Hampshire currently))

Poems of Nicki Luvetti

1. Cry You A River 1/16/2012
2. If Only 1/16/2012
3. Like a Bird 1/16/2012
4. Lost In Love 2/20/2012
5. My Heart 12/22/2011
6. Speaking Now 1/16/2012
7. That Ain't Acting 1/16/2012
8. the many forms of love 2/22/2012
9. Three Years Wasted 1/16/2012
10. Unblind You 1/16/2012
11. When I'm With You 1/16/2012
12. Write A Song 1/16/2012
13. You'll Hear 1/16/2012

Cry You A River

I thought we would last forever
That's before I knew the truth
You and she shouldn't be
Treating me like you do

So I cry and I cry and I fall asleep
And I dream that you were with me
The days before you met her were great
Why can't it be the same

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