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24. Footprints 10/19/2013
25. Standards 10/19/2013
26. Thought Process 10/20/2013
27. What Becomes Of You 11/6/2013
28. Letting It All Out. 1/5/2014
29. For You To See 9/8/2012
30. Helping Out 1/13/2012
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34. Presence 10/12/2013
35. Thank You 1/20/2012
36. What If! ! ! ! ! ! ! 1/4/2012
37. Surrounding`s 10/7/2013
38. Spin Me In A Teacup. 1/20/2012
39. Judging Someone 1/4/2012
40. Your Life, My Life, Our Life, New Life 1/5/2012
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A Lost Good Friend

I sit here with a shocked face
Cant explain what just took place
I get told that a friend has died
What do i say i just want to cry
I wanted to say im sorry to hear
But when i went to say it
Nothing would appear
I wanted to say your joking
That its not true your lieing right
But what i feel is nothing at all
What about his family
they got the call
There pain there suffer
They lost it all
They lost there dad husband to
We lost a friend
A good one at that
One of cheer and full of yap
Loved his bikes and family to
A great guy ...

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To Be Life In All

To be broken and fixed and to be healed inside takes a lot of special time
To be hurt and destroyed to give it your all takes no time to express at all
To forgive and forget that very awful mess takes some directing to kick it to rest
To leave and go means letting go then that’s the way it will have to roll
To love and start again is something that tends to follow after heartache
To learn to live and to get rid of what we all call sorrow
To start a fresh to start a new is what makes dreams

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