Nikhil Parekh

Rookie - 488 Points (27/08/1977 / Dehradun, India)

Nikhil Parekh Poems

1. God Bless All 8/14/2014
2. Bless Me With Love 8/14/2014
3. Through Them 8/14/2014
4. The Sky Of Unconquerable Love 8/14/2014
5. Service To The Divine! 8/14/2014
6. Sole Plus Point 8/14/2014
7. Tablets Of Immortal Love. 8/14/2014
8. Ruling Over Every Beat Of My Heart. 8/14/2014
9. Bury Me Near The Mosque Of My Creator. 8/14/2014
10. It Was God Who Inspired Me To Be A Poet. 8/14/2014
11. Give Me Just One Chance O! Omnipotent Almighty Lord 8/14/2014
12. Our Invincible Creator-Sun God 8/14/2014
13. It Was Impossible To Leave You O! God! 8/14/2014
14. The Only Way To Attain God. 8/14/2014
15. The Mosque Of My Omnipotent Creator. 8/14/2014
16. Don'T Expect From Human Beings. 8/14/2014
17. Without Life 8/14/2014
18. God And The Devil 8/14/2014
19. When Almighty Lord Spoke 8/14/2014
20. There Was No Man Born Perfect 8/14/2014
21. 1 God 8/14/2014
22. Just Me And My Creator 8/14/2014
23. Think Of The Almighty Creator 8/14/2014
24. To Appease The Almighty Creator 8/14/2014
25. Till The Time He Commanded 8/14/2014
26. Both The Hands Of My Creator 8/14/2014
27. The Goddess Of Love 8/14/2014
28. God Loves All 8/14/2014
29. Only If I Would 8/14/2014
30. Immortally Dead 8/14/2014
31. The Best Way To Tackle Life 8/14/2014
32. Life Is As Omnipotent As God 8/14/2014
33. When I Realized 8/14/2014
34. He Was Our Creator 8/14/2014
35. The Photo Of My God 8/14/2014
36. There Was God To Protect Me 8/14/2014
37. You Were My Creator 8/14/2014
38. 1 Million Gods 8/14/2014
39. An Absolute Winner 8/14/2014
40. Sun God 8/14/2014
Best Poem of Nikhil Parekh

Water Is Precious

If there was water on the surface of dry leaves; they would look
mesmerizing; glistening profoundly under the sun,
If there was water on mud coated wall; there would be a ravishing
scent that
permeated the adulterated air,
If there was water on vegetables lying sprawled in a forlorn heap; they
bounce back to boisterous life; retrieving the plethora of minerals
they had
lost in the blistering heat,
If there was water on fossils languidly scattered in obsolete
territories of
the dormant volcano; they would perspicuously depict the ...

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Through Them

Through them; even the most acridly blistering rays of
the fiery midday Sun; seemed like angels of
enchantingly whispering tranquility,

Through them; even the most morbidly remorseful sewage
leaking sordidly from the gutters; seemed like
waterfalls of epitomizing harmony; wonderfully
coalescing with the fabric of eternal mankind,

[Hata Bildir]