Nikhil Parekh

Gold Star - 6,248 Points (27/08/1977 / Dehradun, India)

Nikhil Parekh Poems

1. Life = Death 12/8/2015
2. Life Is As Omnipotent As God 12/9/2015
3. The Chapter Of Love. The Chapter Of Life. 12/13/2015
4. Neither Could Life Stop Death; Neither Could Death Stop Life. 12/14/2015
5. A Gift Called Life 12/15/2015
6. Life's A Complete Circle. 12/16/2015
7. Inevitable Death 12/17/2015
8. Long Live Godly Life 12/18/2015
9. Nothing 12/25/2015
10. Life's A Brilliant Mixture Of It All 12/26/2015
11. God Himself 12/27/2015
12. Black 12/28/2015
13. Greatest Love 12/29/2015
14. 100 Holes 12/30/2015
15. Poetry - Happy New Year. 1/1/2016
16. Fantasy Seldom Becomes Reality 1/2/2016
17. The Inner Voice Of Mind 1/3/2016
18. Scent And Spice 1/4/2016
19. Aftermath's Of Pinching 1/5/2016
20. Table Salt 1/6/2016
21. Delightful Farm 1/7/2016
22. Fishing In Moonlit Jungle 1/8/2016
23. Father And Mother. 1/9/2016
24. The Noble Citizens Of Tomorrow 1/10/2016
25. Rain, Rain And Triumphant Rain 1/11/2016
26. Will You Be My Valentine? 2/10/2016
27. Redder Than The Reddest Of Rose—my Valentine. 2/10/2016
28. Allah, Bhagwan, Christ, Buddha 2/27/2016
29. 1 God 2/27/2016
30. One God 2/27/2016
31. He Was Every Person's Creator 2/27/2016
32. Our Invincible Creator-Sun God 2/27/2016
33. My Creator 2/27/2016
34. The Omnipresent Creator Is Ours. 2/27/2016
35. The Omnisciently Unparalleled Lord 2/27/2016
36. God-The Best And Greatest Poet Of All 2/27/2016
37. Ultimate Master 2/27/2016
38. Omnipotent Almighty 2/27/2016
39. When Almighty Lord Spoke 2/27/2016
40. The Ultimate Sir 2/27/2016
Best Poem of Nikhil Parekh

To Forget Her Was Impossible

The Sun may have forgotten to shine at times; leaving the Earth submerged in partial darkness,

The eyes may have forgotten to close; staring unrelentingly in the blazing fires,

The trees may have forgotten to shed their leaves; enticed to sway in the moist breeze,

The birds may have forgotten to chirp; thoroughly engrossed in building their nests,

The clouds may have forgotten to rain; drifting away submissively with the wind,

The lion may have forgotten to roar; lost in the aisles of desire and sleep,

The chameleon may have forgotten to change ...

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I Spoke Allah

I spoke a blatantly incorrigible NO; when the unconventional society manipulatively cajoled me to leave my poetry and do an obnoxiously mundane office
job instead,

I spoke a congenial PLEASE; when I wanted to be wholesomely with my beloved; wanted to uninhibitedly admire her and infact she wanted to mélange with the
glittering and star studded party,

I spoke a pathetically morose SORRY; when I had committed a blunder at home; broken my neighbors glass pane; with the obdurate cricket

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