Treasure Island

Nikiesha Richards

Poems of Nikiesha Richards

1. A Shocking Change 12/5/2009
2. A Woman with a Backbone 12/5/2009
3. Best Matchmaker........Ever! 12/5/2009
4. Blessed Princess 12/5/2009
5. Bursting the Bubble 12/5/2009
6. Embracing the End 12/5/2009
7. Endings to Beginnings 12/5/2009
8. Escaping the Trap 12/5/2009
9. Forgiveness is Key 12/5/2009
10. Guilty of Sincere Love 12/5/2009
11. Infinite Love 12/5/2009
12. Like An Eagle 12/5/2009
13. Longing to be Free 12/5/2009
14. Mountains and Moonlight 12/5/2009
15. Mr. Too Good to Be True 12/5/2009
16. Seeing the Sunrise 12/22/2009
17. Sincere Joy 12/5/2009

A Shocking Change

Eyes filled with tears and a heart that’s broken
From undesired actions and hurtful words spoken
Visible scars to show the pain felt inside
Carefully tucked away from public shame, I hide

As each day came, I get up and again I try
And with each passing night again I cry
Everyone around us has something to say
It’s nice to know that soon silence will rule the day

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