Nikiesha Richards

Nikiesha Richards Poems

1. Infinite Love 12/5/2009
2. Mountains And Moonlight 12/5/2009
3. Endings To Beginnings 12/5/2009
4. A Shocking Change 12/5/2009
5. Forgiveness Is Key 12/5/2009
6. Guilty Of Sincere Love 12/5/2009
7. Best Matchmaker........Ever! 12/5/2009
8. Mr. Too Good To Be True 12/5/2009
9. Escaping The Trap 12/5/2009
10. Embracing The End 12/5/2009
11. Sincere Joy 12/5/2009
12. Longing To Be Free 12/5/2009
13. Blessed Princess 12/5/2009
14. Like An Eagle 12/5/2009
15. Bursting The Bubble 12/5/2009
16. Seeing The Sunrise 12/22/2009
17. A Woman With A Backbone 12/5/2009
Best Poem of Nikiesha Richards

A Woman With A Backbone

She was the typical woman of the house
Doing her best to please her spouse
Always busy cooking, washing and cleaning
At that time it was that that gave her life meaning

Unfortunately he was unfaithful to her, he betrayed her trust
As he gave into selfish desires and lust
She packed her stuff and moved in with her sister
And told him that games are for kids and we’re adults mister

Yeah, I left without even starting a fight
But why should I? you knew what you were doing wasn’t right
Me? Screaming in your face, making unnecessary noise
The love that I have...

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Forgiveness Is Key

She was a lonely single mother
Who shared an apartment with her brother
After her son’s father, she swore she’d never love another
But the signs are there that she’s seeing a secret lover

Each morning she wakes up with a smile so bright
As she was reminiscing over what took place last night
Her son walked in rubbing his chest and blowing his nose
And she stood there just simply admiring this pretty red rose

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