Nur Meiyati

Poems of Nur Meiyati

1. A Get Well Soon Card 10/1/2013
2. A Hero For Me 11/26/2013
3. Alien and You 12/13/2013
4. All About You and Me 10/24/2013
5. Am I Wrong 12/3/2013
6. At Last You Are Gone 9/9/2013
7. Between You and Me 10/6/2013
8. Can a Man Be Sad 11/29/2013
9. Choice 10/13/2013
10. Community as an Identity 9/19/2013
11. Counting the Days 11/30/2013
12. Did I Go to the Wrong God 12/2/2013
13. Do You Think I Am A Doll 9/7/2013
14. Don't Be in Love with Me 10/14/2013
15. Driving 11/3/2013
16. Favourite Things We Did 10/31/2013
17. Honesty 12/4/2013
18. How Can We Reach You 9/8/2013
19. I 11/11/2013
20. I Am So Sorry 12/14/2013

Do You Think I Am A Doll

I used to be a curious girl and I am still today.
My curiosity took me to join a dating site where I was invited by a friend of mine.
I uploaded three photos that I thought the best of me.
A man greeted me with his first hello.
We introduced each other about who he is and who I am.
'What is your Skype or Yahoo Messenger name? '
I told him that I didn't have any and I didn't think it was necessary.
Ok, so we just talked and chatted with texts only.
Then he urged me to make an account and

[Hata Bildir]