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Rookie (30th, november 1988 / JOS NIGERIA)


41. The Isle princess in the dream. 10/5/2013
42. The lost love.. 1/18/2014
43. The Serpent Girl 8/5/2012
44. The Song Of Many Seas 4/29/2013
45. 'The Visitor' 8/5/2012
46. THE ZOMBIE PRINCESS(part 1) 8/15/2012
47. THE ZOMBIE PRINCESS(part2) 8/20/2012
48. Time A Time 8/12/2012
49. Time Query(suit too nice with time) 1/24/2013
50. Time Scroll 8/5/2012
51. Timid Tale 8/20/2012
52. To Love a flower 7/18/2013
53. Total Recall 1/18/2014
54. Wails Of Mortals 10/4/2013
55. What Then Becomes Of He? 10/16/2012
56. Where Will You Be 8/24/2012
57. Wistful tales 4/30/2013

Face of Beauty

I saw in her eyes the face of endless beauty, flowing in her lips a river of passion, her emotion cut deep inside me, I inspired nothing but her love

Deep inside the ring of unbreakable glass, I proposed to her, even the angels in heaven needs her love to entangle their wings

Below the kiss of passion, the radicle of pain, the amorite of spear cut in his heart and render broken pieces but in another, the beginning of love, the strenght of unity, arrows of no impedement, cross of rivalry lo

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