Patti Masterman

Patti Masterman Poems

1. Other's Time Is Not Your Time 12/29/2009
2. Winding Sheet 12/31/2009
3. The Burden Is Easy And The Yoke Is Light 12/31/2009
4. Life Contains Within Itself A Strange Lack 1/3/2010
5. I'M Not A Hypochondriac 1/20/2010
6. Memory Is A Cool Pool Of Checkered Fabrics 1/21/2010
7. We Are The Answer To The Question 1/21/2010
8. Every Day I Hear One Of My Loved Ones 1/21/2010
9. When We First Met 1/21/2010
10. Indifference 1/23/2010
11. Gilded 1/24/2010
12. Words We'Ll Never Say 1/24/2010
13. When You First Wake Up After Sleeping 1/24/2010
14. My Love Appeared Perfectly Folded 1/25/2010
15. In Photos 1/25/2010
16. He Carried Me Far 1/26/2010
17. We Cry For Ourselves 1/26/2010
18. In Ritual Evil Gets It's Ego Stroked 1/26/2010
19. Forgotten Young Hands 2/4/2010
20. Who Opens The Door 2/4/2010
21. I Have A Tattoo Of You In My Heart 2/4/2010
22. Your Two Eyes Worship 2/4/2010
23. In Aubergine Ochers 2/4/2010
24. Fractious Children 2/4/2010
25. It's A Trick Of The Heart 2/4/2010
26. Take Beautifulest Draughts 2/6/2010
27. Out Of Nothing Came The All 2/6/2010
28. Some Things Demand An Answer 2/6/2010
29. My Words I Set To Music 2/6/2010
30. Why Ask If Love Is True Or Walks 2/6/2010
31. Sanctuary 2/7/2010
32. My Other Self 2/7/2010
33. Fire And Clay 2/8/2010
34. It Takes Some Darkness 2/8/2010
35. My Heaven Fell 2/8/2010
36. Entropic Dirge 2/9/2010
37. Lavender Harvest 2/9/2010
38. In The Far Moonlight 2/9/2010
39. The Mermaid And The Dragonfly 2/9/2010
40. O Deeper Sea 2/9/2010
Best Poem of Patti Masterman

A House Breathes Through Its Bones

A house breathes through its bones,
Its summits sit like sentries;
Though rafters decompose-
It never denies entry.

Its ghosts lie in their beds,
Soft earth beneath their memory;
The shutters firmly closed-
The past seen only dimly.

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Early Memories

There are places we hold in memory
where there is no record of having really gone.
Maybe they were only the colicky dream of an infant,
or a precognition of something that could exist, must have
existed somewhere, at some time. Perhaps we have longed for it,
without knowing the way there, except by remembering it in a dream.

?Become a? little child ?now, ?like you ?once were, ?
?g?o ?back ?again to that place that fascinates you:

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