Paul (ChryWizard) Posney

Paul (ChryWizard) Posney Poems

1. Snowflake And The Seven Dudes 11/29/2011
2. The Love Letter 12/4/2011
3. Ten Thousand Kisses 12/4/2011
4. Through The Pen Of A Poet 12/8/2011
5. The Power Of A Newborn 12/8/2011
6. The Answer Of Who 12/8/2011
7. (a Poetic) Merry Christmas! 12/8/2011
8. I Offer Only 11/29/2011
9. One Christmas Morning 12/26/2011
10. The Day After Christmas 12/26/2011
11. Better With Age 12/26/2011
12. Nobody’s Birthday 12/8/2011
13. The 'P' Poem 12/8/2011
14. I Am A Marine 12/8/2011
15. Christmas In Da Hood 12/22/2011
16. As You Lay Sleeping 11/29/2011
17. Slippery & Wet (An Erotic Tease) 11/29/2011
Best Poem of Paul (ChryWizard) Posney

Slippery & Wet (An Erotic Tease)

I fell asleep….
Fantasies galore…
In one you were bent over
Screaming “More, more, more”.
I pumped a little harder
Then I heard you groan….
“There, Yes there” you excitably moaned.
You pushed once more
As I gently pumped again…
The car rolled out of the mud hole
That we were stuck in.

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The 'P' Poem

Poetic Paul puts pen to paper
printing phonically placed phrases
properly patterned on pages
posting pleasing poems pleasantly
phor (for) people to read.
Phinding (finding) , patronizing puerile
personalities; to, periodically perform
precariously pitiful profound poetic purls.

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