Pedro Cescon

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Pedro Cescon Poems

1. The Ballad Of Beautiful And Sad Winter 9/5/2009
2. Carina 9/7/2009
3. Alive Lines 9/7/2009
4. The Inequity Of The Selfish 9/19/2009
5. My Way Of Healing 9/20/2009
6. An Incomprehensible Bond 9/21/2009
7. A Carp In The Donut-Shaped Lake 10/5/2009
8. The Beautiful Traits Of The Rain 10/6/2009
9. Tribute To Mercedes Sosa 10/8/2009
10. Following Amelie's Beat, To The Sound Of The Sax 10/21/2009
11. Brief Consideration About The War 10/22/2009
12. The Tides Of Time 10/26/2009
13. A Star's Reach 11/4/2009
14. Fly In The Soup And A Brief Consideration About An Inconvenient Truth 11/6/2009
15. A Talking Crow And A Drunken Sailor 1/20/2010
16. Fake Scat (About A Halloween Costume) 1/20/2010
17. Brief Consideration About The Violence 1/20/2010
18. My Favorite Bond 1/20/2010
19. Brief Consideration About Aging 1/31/2010
20. An Unknown Familiar Place 2/3/2010
21. Fastest Poem 'Round 3/11/2010
22. Most Exciting Seconds 3/11/2010
23. And Then Tears 3/11/2010
24. A Grounded Wing 3/11/2010
25. Kraken! 3/12/2010
26. Brief Consideration About My Dear Friends 3/23/2010
27. That Is How It Must Be, Because That Is How It Is 3/23/2010
28. Mood Indigo 4/14/2010
29. A Gateless Barrier 5/2/2010
30. Vertical Bird 5/9/2010
31. Oh My, Dazed Firefly 5/11/2010
32. Poetry 5/22/2010
33. Featherweight 5/22/2010
34. Lost In The Unknown, With The World In My Pocket 5/22/2010
35. At 45 Of Second Half 5/25/2010
36. Brief Consideration About Perseverance 5/25/2010
37. Sultans Of Swing 5/25/2010
38. Twin Timed Theme 6/4/2010
39. Ashes And Dust 6/4/2010
40. Star's Prime 6/8/2010
Best Poem of Pedro Cescon

Rain, Sweet Rain

Rain falling in tears skies can't hold
They are heavy, and fast and cold,
Yet so precious that its fall's mold
Can become the nest of a new life's fold

So inconstant you may think it is alive,
For it can destroy or let thrive,
For it can be loved or despised,
For it can be benevolent or be mised

And it is so human, the rain,
(Although it is most inhuman thing around)
That when the human bears big pain
Eyes got inspiration found
In no more no less than rain,
For tears imitate the very rain-like stain

And will be a day of sorrow, ...

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Alive Lines

(To Ashlea)

Drops of ink as black as night sky
Over paper as white a' snow,
Single moves of a pen quite spry
And so starts a life's flow...

Words 'n' colors quite motionless,
That alone seem to have no role,

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