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A Poetic Easter Seasons Story, With Advice! - Poem by Clarence Prince

Once there lived a woman whose name was Esther
She was one who had certainly loved lots of chatting
The best of her many friends was her cousin Lester
There was time she would visit Lester just for a chat

Only she wouldn't missed out visiting him at Easter
Mostly that's the time they'd share a drop more wine
However Lester holds great confidence in the Divine
And he was always ready to lecture on the Scriptures

Then he'd preach to anyone who'd listen to a lecture
And with a drink Esther will listen to the Scriptures
Therefore to avoid lots of foolish chatting from Esther
And seeing as Lester is a cultivator of the grapevines

He was never short of having a little wine in the house
Yet there was certain time when he'd let alone drinking
Not so for Esther, she wasn't keen on learning Scriptures
Although she'd visit regularly, it was mainly for the wine

What's good, the wine makes Esther more easily incline
To listens to the inspired words by Christ Jesus the Divine
And so whenever Lester is going to teach her Scriptures
He would've used a little wine from his own grapevines

Sadly drinking had left Esther a thing to remember
As once when she was at Lester's home, drinking
It seemed on that special day she wasn't quite herself
For she had bumped her arm on a wall in the hall

Then a picture's frame having tacks into it fell….
She had accidentally stepped upon one of the tacks
The very one by which the old picture's frame was fixed
Stepping on the tack gave Esther's foot quite a fester

It made her more careful when she went visiting Lester
As it reminded her that she shouldn't just drink and chat
Instead she should be prepared to absorb the Scriptures
Which Lester is trying to teach her, God is more than wine

Everyone needs to listen to God's word mostly at Easter time
Given that, for many people, it's the Holiest time of the year
When more than ever everyone should be giving God a praise
Take advice, seek Him in faith, there are blessings for the meek

He is the helper of the humble; He is the strength of the weak
Indeed both Esther and Lester are departed a long time ago
Yet God's Holy Easter seasons still come about year after year
Therefore you need to make this coming Easter your best ever

Remember Esther and Lester how they had shared the Scriptures
Then how about you finding a friend to share few of God's words
Try it at this Holy Easter's seasons there is a reason for blessing
Take a little advice; give to God thanks and praise, Happy Easter.

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