Ramesh Shrestha

Distance - Poem by Ramesh Shrestha

I wonder what that mean,
Of all the rumors unseen,
When they say we are,
Far apart, like distant stars.

I see you on the petals white, red, blue,
Blooming across the garden new,
I feel you along the wide sea shore,
When cool wind blows,
Making me immaculate and pure.

You sing with the chirping of bird,
And open the mind when I am bored,
You fall along the sweet downpour,
Embracing me, with intense care.

When a brook laughs, I see you,
Smiling along the water so clear,
Though a carefree duck on it,
Neither sees and hears you so near.

As I look at the deep blue sky,
I can see you, staring me with big eyes,
And as I listen to the cuckoo sing,
I can hear your sweet voice, whispering.

When I fall asleep, you will be there,
To care me like a delicate flower,
My Love, you are, always with me,
In each and every hour.

Don't matter, with our body far away,
As we are always in close stay,
Who says we are distant apart?
My Love you are deep inside my heart… :)

Topic(s) of this poem: love

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, August 17, 2014

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