Nikhil Parekh

Freshman - 508 Points (27/08/1977 / Dehradun, India)

Divorce - Poem by Nikhil Parekh

There was a time when you welcomed me with untamed
passion in your eyes into our redolent dwelling;
magically applying the ointment of your stupendously
ingratiating melody on my; disastrously frazzled
While today there was belligerent viciousness in your
eyes as you sighted me; ominously kicking me like
strands of orphaned broomstick; into the mountain of
baseless shit outside the kitchen window…..
There was a time when you incessantly chanted my name;
all brilliantly Sunlit day and even more euphorically
in the heart of satanic midnight; ardently waiting for
me to transit into a celestial reverie before you
dared to shut your eyes the slightest,
While today you ruthlessly ripped apart every
cherished possession of mine; left me to devastatingly
wander on the uncouth streets; without even a single
cloth on my impoverished body…
There was a time when you tirelessly fantasized about
the contours of my fanatic persona in despicably
solitary gloom; and even the center of the
boisterously bustling and overwhelmingly rambunctious
marketplace; alike,
While today you contemptuously spat on every trace of
my fading reflection; compassionately philandering
with another man; right in front of my poignantly
staring eyes….
There was a time when you intransigently embraced me
with insatiable fire wafting from each of your
voluptuous senses; following me like an incorrigible
shadow; in my moments of jubilation and inexplicable
distress; alike,
While today you brutally excoriated every cranny of my
flesh with your swords of pugnacious malice; roasting
them to wholehearted satisfaction; before you
sumptuously fed them to stray cats and dogs; alike….
There was a time when you immutably stared in the
whites of my piquant eyes; mystically flirting and
romancing with my drooping eyelashes; till times
beyond eternity,
While today you vindictively hurled me like a speck of
frigid thread from the unfathomably towering
mountaintop; pursing your lips profusely in supreme
satisfaction; as my caricature disintegrated into a
billion fragments; before eventually become an
integral ingredient of the diabolical rocks….
There was a time when you unflinchingly supported me
in the course of every acrimonious impediment that I
bizarrely confronted; hugging invincibly to my nimble
demeanor like a child entwined tightly; to its
mother's bosom,
While today I was the most debilitating parasite for
you in your blessed life; as you hired dexterous
gunmen from all over the planet; to lethally squelch
me into my inconspicuous grave….
There was a time when you conceived me as the most
beautiful organism on this entire Universe; profoundly
enthused by even the most rustically bohemian gestures
that were an intrinsic part of my every footstep,
While today you overwhelmingly admired even the most
satanically lecherous man on the street; commanding me
to scrupulously extricate every iota of abominable
grime; from his devilish shoes….
There was a time when you fervently waited for
countless hours on the trot; just to hear even an
ephemeral trace of my wavering voice; bouncing in
unprecedented ecstasy; as I staggeringly stepped back
from yet another heinous day in the monotonous office,
While today you dictatorially used each part of my
shivering flesh to scrub the floors of your
ostentatious castle; savagely dumping me into the
garbage bin; before you slapped the lid with chains of
unsurpassable prejudice….
There was a time when your every expedition was
incomplete without me; as you royally frolicked on my
shoulders; as I weaved us gloriously through the
resplendently enamoring forests,
While today you maliciously left me unguarded amidst
the battalion of bellicose sharks; almost chortled
every organ of your body out; as the monsters thanked
you for receiving the best prey of their insidious
And there was a time when you were just freshly
MARRIED to me; bonding your heart; soul and body in
flames of immortal love; pledging to take birth again
with my impoverished grace; everytime the planet
salvaged a chance to be born; once again,
While today you snobbishly paraded through the
grandiloquent palaces of the uxorious King; ordering
his guards to bury even the last of my veins alive; as
you invidiously yelled the dreaded word DIVORCE. 

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