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Downward Fall - Poem by Alexander Coppedge

I'm in a dangerous descent to me exciting, not in
life given anything to be special: not me in it being a mighty strong super man.
Adrift in bright sunlight I am falling, lost of mind, I am sailed rising up at times flying: me as I am touched by elements chilled by autumn's air.

Myself in adventurous voyage plummeting, I am traveling hopelessly in determined aims for me watching: reaching I for aid within my concerns.
Wind gusts grabs me in downs, over my limbs controlling my destined occurrence: me lacking feathers to escape their drags, I nothing to fly.

Lighter than paper I a traveler afloat in air, maintaining functions I can't govern my being reality: releasing under stress my innards.
A twirler tossed piton to be whirled in sudden swift flipping, glides me beyond point of my fall: floating in my soar I behold openly in space.

Tour I do, I tumble mindless of my being, having barrens lost in confusion, me turned in circles: aimed destiny for me being down in swirls.
Loser as waste emptied from living, actions pardoned seen as nothing, once active acting in events: released I was with happening silenced.

Ship I am sailing under darken mind's clouds, in darkness covered I in feelings of sad horrific mumbling: twirling me in mist of uncertainties.
I am a pending shipwreck by would be collision, rescue being remote no assistance or help for me: my perception of events is just a whirl.

My voyage is slow and its event thrilling to say for me, capturing me in rapid spins down I am peering: watching my drop in definite decline.
Jumper in gravity's law in descent falling, me going down swaying, my hopes down within my soaring, seemingly me all alone in mid air.

Drop released off a pine tree once anchored, me from trunk extension way out from it: branch stretched outward me far out in its reach.
My fall a constant from my slip, I from its firm foundation once firm touch, not felt by me no more: this one above me in the air up there.

Trapped I in spins without a choice: I am indeed without doubt descending, destined in my denying against this: all my interests in a fall.
Visit to say is for me sadly nerving, my slip I am reaching back not able to grab: dropping me from far limb extension above.

Sailed on winds headed for my smashing, an ending of torments by my falling for me: wanting not for me this fact assurance for me.
Lost in changes altering exchanges, confounded I am completely, heart torn in woes: contract for me in agreement down for sure.

Clips of life in my mind's vision, I see passing flicks of my life memories, lost by me going by fading as nothing before my dimming eyes.
Frames lapse and timed of me in pictures, recording my trying dread moments in this endeavor: me approaching arrival as I fall.

Attacked I am by unseen forces tightly grabbed, vividly in extremes tossed in swirls turning: swung wildly around senseless and whipped.
Victim in feats forced to perform whirls I am, snapped in wind caged as a held prisoner:
me rippling in the air high currents drags.

Wrinkled by aging a loner, plot set aside in time to be, legs weaken in strength: I am hurled as if nothing, as my limbs they become toys.
My consistent drop is unavoidable, efforts challenging going me in some returning: climbing somehow back up there -no way.

My end closing acknowledged fact to me very disturbing, confirmed contact assured no doubts for me: by my coming ground spot.
Displays holding vivid memories of terror in its wisdom, knowing me dangling outcome pending upon events for me: I can't lie or pretend.

Abyss, me in air turbulence under its current changes, holding down me tight then loosed: re-tightened upon me securing me again.
Eyes see me in a stop coming, resolution of occurrence with its to me bad warning: knowing me inside completely certain, I am in falling.

An archer's arrow aimed shoot I in a surge,
curling eventually me downward in a arching:
I'm found falling swiftly so going in a drop.
Bulls eye or posted target is my grounding,
confronting this fact sadly for me in its denying,
approaching reassuringly me the earth.

My slip is my green go light in air for my going,
tumbling unassisted in my forth out going: my drop climatic red light for my ground.
Grave turns me rapidly right for moments,
briefly me in feeling of restorations of being: me having warmth of life with hot sun blaze.

My touch of joy am I in dream recounting,
smiling at it all recalling past times me having:
flipped back into my reclaiming death frown.
Not so unique I am as others decaying, all of us by unstoppable life enduring changes: altered us by sequences by seasonal times.

Backwards sliding on my other side rolled,
pre-destined end coming to me in closing:
collision of my vessel to come to my stop.
While I fall no vocalist statements in screaming, no utterances yelling about happenings to be: I no conveyances to be heard from me, at all.

Upwards at times I am sent up high in air rising,
I am traveling far, going me upwards fast: a
soar for me dangerously hoping in wind care.
Aimlessly uncontrollable slow in down motions,
speeding in descents reversing me consistently:
land closing before me clearly sure to me down.

Youthful times arms tight and firm, stretched strongly cut with power: but that event (in my stop of mind dreaming) was back then.
Times in seasonal demands has me altered,
rearranged by its call I am becoming weak from firm changes: curling my limbs pulling them in.

Slip a reminder to me in a given promise, happened event occurring solely in autumn: tumbling I am to be within the time of Fall.
In existence a memory is all I am, a leaf among many falling, without any renewal of former form dropping: me descending in life's sunlight.


Topic(s) of this poem: aging, nature

Form: Prose Poem

Poet's Notes about The Poem

The season change to autumn

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