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Downward Fall - Poem by Alexander Coppedge

I have no interests in this fact dangerously in a doom fall not to be special: not to be a mighty super man.

Upwards at times far out in air travel in a fall soaring carelessly in wind; I'm under changing gusts care.

I tumble down in a free fall rising up in a soar of space, touched by wind blows; I am chilled by autumn's air.

Adventurous voyage fall plummet course lacks aim, my reach for aid ignored; in my sad given held concerns.

Wind gusts grabs body is gripped and took to my fall place, lacking feathers to escape it; I nothing to fly.

A droplet in fall traveling in the air light as paper, jet in sad happening fear rules inside: my innards release.

Twirler's piton in flips its point floating away from toss, spot in a glide: myself in a fall within its sleep.

In mind I fall humbled in confusion in circles turned within spins fast, destiny certain; I'm down in swirls.

I as old waste emptied being seen as nothing; fall with past happening of then: them to be silenced.

I'm under sad mind's cloud bat in dark covered -a feel of horrific; I twirl in my fall dark mist uncertainties.

I a pending to be shipwreck wave victim by would be collision, any rescue for me not seen; me in fall in whirl.

Voyage is thrilling to say it captures my spins, the drop from place up: rock to be in down fall definite decline.

Victim in gravity's law fall descent sways with no hopes back; seemingly me in a void: in mind all alone.

Fall is off tree I anchored once from trunk extension upon a branch; close up to its tip: far out on its reach.

My drop is since slip fall is constant from foundation, my limb felt no more; this big one above us -up there.

Can't fly body trap in spins I deny destiny to come, its bad interests it held: them factors pertain to this fall.

Space in its say nerving to believe slip and fall quick, I'm not able to grab back limb: spot extension above.

Fall sails me on its winds its smash end torments, I drop wanting not this fact; assurance upon me at all.

In changes I fall altered in exchanges confounded completely, heart woes; my agreed in a down for sure.

Life fall flash clips of past memory unfold time fade by fast them: ticks before my dimming, closing eyes.

Frames lapsed pictures be certainties record my tried aims; arrival to solid firm land: me in a fall.

Bee by extremes attacked foe unseen has toss, tip in fall swirled around forced: a reality for me view less.

Victim do feats a prisoner whirled like nothing in its wind downfall; I'm air rip in currents by life drags.

Loner aged -be wrinkled, a fall to grave plot toy hurled with limbs in pain broken: them as soft like a child.

Fall is a consistent drop it is unavoidable, return gone to climb up to start: my trip up there -I see no way.

End of my acknowledged fact, land assured no doubts to come; fall matter solution to be my ground spot.

Display hold fall wisdom it knows my outcome to be on me, its bent event; I can't lie: or me about it pretend.

Abyss I in air turbulence in a fall it to hold tight; loosed from grasp, it re-tightened upon body again.

Eyes see resolution a stop warning to be certainties, fall is trouble taking life; I am falling down: I am.

Archer's shot in a surge at their target curled down to its mark -falling swiftly; me going down in a fall.

Bulls eye is grounding place x to land, I confronts fact denying it; no matter fall reassuringly I to earth.

Slip fall is green go in air drop to be my dramatic red light; body in a brake point for me as ground.

Grave turns me right brief restored life again having warmth of joys: hot sun to give delightful fall.

Touch recount past I smile at it all recalling then; fall flip me back: my vision to reclaim set death frown.

Other side rolled in fall slide back to a predestined come to close; final collision to end my vessel to stop.

I'm not unique as others in unstoppable Fall, altered by change sequences: our lives reversed in seasonal times.

In aimless uncontrollable motions a dandelion going down land seen; eye sight seeing fall: me in decline.

Memories arms were tight cut they were as an event (dream stop) back then; fall is a happening now.

Times demands Fall it has touched me, mind weak by change to curl limbs: them aggressively, parts pull in.

A reminder of promise it to come to us time solely in autumn; a real span in life for all by aging: I in its Fall.

While I decline no vocal yelled, no happiness about fall to be -nothing spoken; I about this truth: it at all.

Existence as a memory of past, a leaf in Fall among many no renewal back; in sunlight we descend:


Topic(s) of this poem: aging, nature

Form: Prose Poem

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Note. Chapter Project Endurance; Life Change: Living our lives in the course of life existence, we come to learn and teach ourselves life's factors: also instructing others as well. One in existence reality can see themselves above peers, strong in pride and youthful in assurances in full gallop, yet know for fact fate is not to the newly born; who as a flash is gone but the eternal.

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