Mary Angela Douglas

Lament Of Therese Of Lisieux - Poem by Mary Angela Douglas

just now the bars are coming down again
blue morpheus winds are rising
in my soul extraordinary

courier and friend-
in my soul there are no bells;
there is only You.

it's only waking up
that I can't bear;
the white rose in a dream with no confrère

remained so incandescent
in the end

and caught in a warren
I don't understand-
Jesu, my flag is not down.

bright dreaming son or brother
or someone else
under the drizzling skies I feel

that I'm dissolving far from you
and running late to say:
it's only that I recognize

that star you held in your hands-
the one that made you suffer-
the one that, even now
compels me to weep sapphires
on your behalf-

and to lean into Space...

mary angela douglas 8,9 september 2011

Topic(s) of this poem: Grief

Comments about Lament Of Therese Of Lisieux by Mary Angela Douglas

  • Marie Shine Marie Shine (4/12/2016 12:24:00 PM)

    Dear Mary, Theresé always stood out for me as a child. I loved her huge statue in our school Chapel and would spend quite a long time there each lunchtime just looking at it, and later, on reading of the very cruel treatment she received at the hands of her Superior through sheer jealousy, I was enraged on her behalf! Catholics have never been known to be kind to anyone, especially to those under their thumb. These are the people who are supposed to practice what they preach, but they must consider themselves exempt from the rule. Sisters who taught me lived in fear of their Reverend Mother and when Mother Superior was coming to visit, dear Lord, it was as if the Pope himself was coming, the fear and dread those sisters felt was unbelievable, bless them. So many of them didn't speak to each other through jealousy, which contradicts the way they are supposed to behave towards others in God's name, but it also confirmed to me that what a woman is before she puts on a habit, she still is with the habit on. I used to think that once she had a habit on she was perfect in every possible way, not so. I am not a religious person Mary, I have always followed the Spiritual path, when I had no name for the path I was on and nobody could tell me, but if I was to choose a religion it would definitely be Presbyterian. I have found Church of Ireland followers to be wonderful, truthful, kind, so good to their children, always so mannerly to those of a different faith/culture etc, that can't be said for Catholics! To me, religion is man made. God has NO religion. I believe that religion was created for control of the masses, not through love as Jesus taught, but through fear. Fear of Hell, fear of Purgatory, fear of Limbo, fear of this, fear of that, that is how they kept control and still do to this very day. Thank you so very much, dear Mary, for your beautiful reply. I ask The Little Flower to bless you with her very best, richest and most sacred Blessings. I also send you the same blessings, Mary. Gratitude... (Report) Reply

    Mary Angela Douglas Mary Angela Douglas (4/12/2016 2:07:00 PM)

    Dear Marie, thank you for your beautifully and deeply felt expression of your faith. I agree with all you have said here and my experiences at Catholic school and especially as a boarder for one year and at a catholic college showed me that people are people with flaws like the rest of us even if they are nuns and priests. NOBODY is perfect and some people behind pious smiles can be quite devious and cruel. I experiencing some of it myself as a non Catholic. The idea of labeling students as non Catholic speaks for itself. Almost like non human, or illegal alien. Really cold hearted. But I did like that we prayed before every class and I did the same thing by myself at college which helped me a lot in studying. It is clear that the churches actually stand many times in the way of their congregation's growth. The people who find out that they can talk to God and Jesus on their own are lucky. Why I am an unaffiliated Christian and will remain so. We are meant were meant to have our own relationship with God and Christ to read the gospels on our own and draw strength from them, or as families. I believe in that. ANYTHING bigger than that gets too political and bickering ALWAYS ensues; not to mention gossip and I am sorry to say the Presbyterians can be that way too. Still I am glad fo the churches who really do try to take care of their flock, the ministers I mean who have real love. And for the church members who care FROM THEIR HEART and not out of smug self righteousness for the poor among them those in prison widows as it says. There are kind people everywhere in and out of all religions and I believe too that God is beyond theology. Theology is crazy when you analyze it. Thomas Aquinas. I QUIETLY refused to read him in college. It was an independent study pass fail on freedom and I couldn't beloieve they picked him to talk about is man free So I never read him and at the end of the course I told them I didn't know if man was free or not but I was free enough not to read Acquinas. They were not happy but I was. God is Love. Why do they wnat to turn Him into an Encyclopedia? ? ? I know Therese is with you and in a place now where there are no cruel 'bosses anywhere. I alwyas wondered how and why the Catholic church tortured so many of its saints and persecuted them. where is the real devil then? Poor Joan of Arc, my eternal beautiful favorite saint (well, tied with Therese) . Bless you in the temple of your heart where God dwells (and likes your poetry very much) . And so do I.

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  • Marie Shine Marie Shine (4/12/2016 11:51:00 AM)

    Since childhood I have loved St. Theresé and the title of the poem drew me in to read it. The grief, the sadness the writer felt as she inked the poem is tangible throughout the write. An excellently crafted metaphoric gem, the poetesses heart is filled with love for The Little Flower, which is responsible for the depth of grief within the poem. I feel St. Theresé blessed you in a very special way as you wrote this fine poem, Mary. May your golden poetic quill be ever blessed to write the most wondrous poetry, ever a joy to read. Thank you for sharing, Mary. Blessings always... (Report) Reply

    Mary Angela Douglas Mary Angela Douglas (4/12/2016 12:07:00 PM)

    Dear Marie it must have been wonderful to learn about Therese as a child in the Catholic faith. Being Presbyterian I only learned about her little way and her shower of roses (I was especially partial to that being overfond of roses) when I went to Catholic high school and checked out her flowery wonderful spiritual autobiography. When I wrote the poem I was indeed sad and I was thinking Theree must have felt sad quite often as I think some of her superiors in the convent were quite cruel to her as I recall and she was suffering from tb for quite a while before she passed on so young! at 24 I think. She was good at turning on the sunshine in her soul for Jesus no matter what she was going through but in the poem I was thinking about through my own experiences in life how that is not such an easy thing to do. Her lovely childlike, especially JOYFUL heart is what she is loved for I do know but it is the way of the saints to find the mysterious almost fairy tale way of turning the disagreeable into Light by focusing on Jeus love for them. May showers of roses come your way, dear Marie and as soon as I started writing that I felt like Therese herself took charge of my golden quill, what a beautiful message you wrote. Thank you! ! !

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