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Parenthood - Poem by AaI Harvey


My intimate incubator, for the forthcoming foetus;
Are you too, truly feeling this dream?
I’ll become a father and you a mom.
It’s really going, to happen soon.

So let’s both cut down on the drinking and stop the drugs,
Find a new way of life and overcome,
Our addictions, to the illusions,
This could be a whole new beginning.

Girls just want to have fun, but I have found a woman,
I have someone who wants the commitment
And feels truly safe in,
The knowledge I’m here for her, ‘til death do us part,
This woman is the only one, allowed to get near my heart.

Once upon a time, we were so young and carefree,
She loved to feel the breeze, between her knees.
The passionate rush she got, from screwing a stranger,
Has now passed thankfully, she has no need for another.
Because I am, her only lover
And she’s my baby’s mother.

But I can still remember when we first met.
I asked how far, are you willing to take this?
What can I not do and is the list only short?
What’s the magic word that says you’ve had too much?
What is the cutoff point?
And do you like to take risks?

We made passionate love, morning, noon and night,
Now we still make passionate love,
But have more than adolescent desire.
We have an understanding, of each other’s bodies,
We have the knowledge, to leave each other satisfied.

For we’ve both been there, for each other,
When we were suffering, insufferable pain,
We had both reached the stage, in our lives,
When we believed, we would never love again.
We both believed, we couldn’t be happy,
We both had the same desire; to one day have a family.

It was hard for us, to be truly open
And to truly love again after our hearts had been broken.
But we shall overcome, the hurt and the pain,
To rise up each morning, ready to face a new day.
For now we are parents, our world has changed,
Now our love can be shared, with our offspring.

(C) 2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

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