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The Thought Of I - Poem by Alexander Coppedge

I piled my life dreamed goals, set my target towards true valued ambitions, see my efforts results; finally I come to a fact to see.

I tried to fair well in my works, an image worthy to obtain more by efforts than others views; their if held about me believed.

During years blessed in job roles, me in advancements denoted, honors rated by merits through efforts: I rosed to be achieved.

Confused about false reality, I see need in man by bad activities, I'm sadden: society's merits were death schemes.

A stroll in fog not to come out, travels day and night as I studied to know for them, I came to this hurt; reborn in self: I aware!

Years of trust in lies, a worm to burrow to cross my studies, -do sacrifices as one blind: I always without doubt believing them.

Life lost not to be regained from time, promotes recalls all hasten fear, I denying grants to myself: what I felt as bad opening doors.

A victim targeted by governing authority, I a deer in panic run from hunter set trap: righteous justice for me equation.

My heart smiles having no evil against others, they want me non-sharing mean for no reason: please them by lowering poor.

Confuse within my uncertainties held doubts, I stumble to do good, horror-ed fall found vision by drop; I'll not feed evil's Beast.

Man by hateful eyes him viewed insect captive to serve them, they see different, I'm seen to them as evil, a dark demon I below them.

On sight theorized as aspect of lesser life value, views needing them, a measure had it seems, I lack to them: higher gleam.

I cut from their persistent down of me, cut own path made head way my course, dark walk in set cage: I went its rigid road.

Tour bathed in uncertainties down endless doubt trails having no choice; mind wonder to be had: I walk lonely dark alleys.

I remember original works aims, endeavors in earned research; voiceless views their held facts: life unspoken real things.

Continued studies outside their watch learn universe evolves: I had a presence in its count: I lacked facts about that change.

A sap tricked by self ignorant acceptance, a tool to serve their interests me played as a one cell -amoeba, child told by them.

I had a job in steel they watch me work, hard laborer but no matter their enemy, struggled to live: I barely, to meet bills ends.

Happy! Pain on me, I'm pleased by poor man life displeased were them, securely comfortable put them angry; I as a common dude.

Inside emotions hides my misery about injustice, a clown's secret thought none knew, proof of my given path: I'm to die.

I did opposite to happen and turned death occurrence, curled its outcome to oppose it: watched them on shoulders of giants.

I stand with my brethren whom thought as I in my deceptions, its subjects taught awareness: them high and clever in real reality.

Crossed voids in spirit a search for answers, hands wipe against space depth highways; I wait a reply: voice from life fill sky.

Vermin to flee their death aims into holes escaping their grip clutch, me running in fears them as an exterminator: I like a rat.

A mouse frightened by power and intimidated; I stuttered from infected gums: teeth cut into flesh and grind on my tongue.

Daily I one dead assemble with others, a ghoul seeking grave to rest, others await at plots, them men just in life: being good men.

My ears hear loved ancestor's voices, them in storms outbursts, cries demand children to repent in thunder: unheard.

I long tumbled from kindness, fallen in hell pit with joy gone from me, soul ripped: tears only left see remains of its despairs.

My target is end my hell, escape from cavern, I was not dead as those seen on hell's walls: them viewed souls trapped inside.

For my escape to be done I had to cross hell's river, ride waves of flames burning me; my going ending lies as I ventured forth.

Out of hell's darkness grip held doubt,  energy drained mentally torn, I to stand beheld by no one: I drag sack of truths, so wise.

Final understanding secured in my given thinking its endurance, end matter in a full circle; my self endured in journeys: I tried.

By done tasks in honesty, I know absolutely nothing else other in self to have said further than I have stated; me no more than: I.

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Topic(s) of this poem: human nature

Form: Prose Poem

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Note. Chapter Project Endurance; Endeavors of Life: We all have our trials we have to encounter living life. Change in situation events to alter set place position, we having with flip new terms to come to consider, choices we to view to take in life path course; us as we grow in its existence. But, no matter what choice made by us; we hold the bottom line to all things acclaimed.

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