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What is a Dream?

In a wide, never ending
Everlasting Green field
Streaks of Light
Coated each damp strand of Grass
Under a Hue of Comforting Blue
In a silver lining of the Sky
Kneeling down,
Air blowing through brunette hair
Palm upon this green
Grabbing at a few strands of grass,
Held in the center of her palm,
A Mind Pondered - And Wondered
What Is a Dream
A process to a train of Thought?
Flooded assumptions
in the Imagination
From Respiration
To Inspiration
Of Impossible Places -
People and Things?
A Conscious tugging
On Words to Explain.
The meaning of Dimensions
Projection in Constellation
To Determine the Conclusion
To a Definition,
Of a Dream?
Maybe it's this
Or maybe it's That-
Ponder the education,
Given from Lecture
From lesson,
On what they know
To you to conclude;
To a question
In Knowledge passed
From Me to You
In this session.
To Learn
To Be Learned
To Teach
And to be Taught
A Common Denomination,
The Definition of a Dream.
Identify your soul,
The occupation
Learn, Decipher -
And Question,
Is this what we are told to believe?
But How Can One Know...
When a Dam
You and I built on Our Own
To stop the Floods of Questioning
The brains we Hold on our Heads
From a Stop Sign,
A Red Light
Pausing the mind,
Innocent of the Unknown
To Decipher Your Own
Definition of a Dream.
Conformed by taught Lessons,
From Academic English Teachers
Past down from Generation -
To the next,
Halting a process
Of an Individual's definition-
Of a Dream.
What is a Dream?
Define in Your Own Words
The Solution to a Quest
On these imaginable things.
Lessons collide in Yours,
And my thought.
Take what souls aligned,
To Believe,
A Dream is for Impossibilities-
To happen
Or Are happening
In a Different Reality,
Of Decisions made -
Or even Far Back
That Maybe,
Just Maybe
It's real,
In another Dimension,
The Future that is Happening
Or Should of
Or has
Been in a Life - Reality.
What is a Dream?
Process the lecture
The definition you've been told.
But - Let the Dam leak
Flood Everything and Breathe.
To a process carried by air,
Intake what they know
To what You already knew
Before the pause of questioning;
Stopped what was already there.
Search for each answer,
Question the given one
To you, to I
And determine From
Lack of Confusion that key,
To unlock the cage
You feel at ease to,
Let your own mind open
The closed door,
Between these bars and more
Break and fly
Sing to Me, Sing to You
That You are Free.
So tell Me and others now
In your own words,
Define it Yourself
What is a Dream?

Submitted: Monday, September 09, 2013
Edited: Tuesday, September 10, 2013

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