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I Miss My Childhood - Poem by Shashank Dwivedi

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I miss my childhood everyday

This missing increases day by day
I miss those days of happiness
which were full of joy and naughtiness

I miss my grandpa's magnificent love
I miss my grandma's food serve
I miss my village and my darling home
Now I am sad and alone

I was used to go garden daily evening
where I see the day changing
I play their with my friends
who were perfect in that and were legends

I miss stealing of mango from trees
I miss those mountainy friendly trees
I miss play of hide and seek
we hide on guava's great peak

I miss my fields and ponds
I miss that sweet smell of my lands
I miss the scolds of elders
I miss my village builders

I miss my grandpa's old shoulders
I miss my village's brave soldiers
I miss my cow's sweet milk
I miss my cranky and playful tricks

No one can return my childhood
And that hunt for fruits in woods
I have left my childhood very far
But I need life like that with no bar

I am hungry for that love of village
my hunger becomes more with age
In this world of stress and worries
I want back my childhood glories

Life is such a name
That plays with everyone, a different game
But in every game there is some hopeful ray
I miss my childhood everyday.

(27 march 2010, Lucknow)

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