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    # A Bouquet of Haiku


    His warm, sideways glance
    Wrapped me like an angora shawl-
    and took the chill away…

    Voices of autumn…

    Dry autumn leaves
    Crackle under my feet—
    Dead can feel and speak…

    Welcome intruder

    Woke from deep slumber-
    An eerie touch at my elbow-
    Morning stood tiptoe…

    A Taste of life

    Salt of tears on lips
    Astringent on the spirit
    Heart- bitter sweet…

    Communion with self

    Lost in a reverie
    A smile on the parted lips
    Exulting within…

    Calm Surrender

    The colourful boats
    move as wind changes course;
    Sails smoothly adjust…


    A thin layer of frost
    Glass warms up as Sun rises
    Tears of joy slide down…


    Today am alive
    Please take away the wine
    Oh, am drunk on life…

    Miracle of love

    A song on the lips
    A swing in the gait and hips
    Flushed after first kiss...

    The show must go on…

    Dressed to seduce
    In red dress and jewels,
    And gulp Prozac pill…

    Weeping Willows

    Willows are weeping
    On Mother Earth’s breast-
    In humility…


    Cheer, Obama wins
    Winds of change are blowing—
    Suspend disbelief…

    Tampering with Nature

    Rose, no fragrance
    A prey to man’s arrogance-
    Stripped of essence…


    Mind, like a monkey
    Goes jumping from tree to tree-
    Hijacks sanity…


    Enveloped in fog
    Mind wipes and soul ignites-
    With the inner light…

    Breaking the silence

    The glacier breaks
    Eons of its icy silence
    As it froths and falls…

    Does speed matter…

    Can speed be the key?
    Slow, steady, in not any hurry-
    With ease, tortoise wins…


    Abused and crumpled
    Discarded like a tissue
    Alone... woman moans.


    Man beats the devil
    At his diabolical game-
    In His Maker’s name…


    Self annihilation
    By God’s highest creation
    Abuse of intuition…


    full of flambouyance
    Gorgeous Dhalia stands tall
    beckons with silence...


    White almond blossoms;
    breeze carries the fragrance
    heart soars as snow melts...

    Memories Haunt

    Bury not pain and grief
    feel, grieve, deal, heal and let go-
    else live in haunted home

    Love not unconditional...

    Use, abuse, neglect
    Mother Earth too protests-
    In fury lashes back...

    One with Universe...

    Stillness of the night
    The world sleeps, its quiet-
    Just my soul stirring...


    Mythical monkeys
    See, hear and speak no evil-
    thus tame the devil...


    Where is family...
    With the birth of me and I
    Languished, just died. read more »

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    I had a sudden, great desire to see again
    the one who lived and saw with inner light
    and loved infallibly. read more »

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    Untitled 02

    read more »

  • 4.

    Suffer the pen
    That has to write what I say,
    Suffer the words
    That have to serve my brain, read more »

  • 5.
    untitled 2

    cast my graduation picture into the rain—
    watched as the glass shattered under the stars
    and the frame dislodge itself from my face,
    as if to say, “At last.” read more »

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    Untitled 03

    read more »

  • 7.
    (Untitled- 10.25.04)

    Life, death,
    Heat, and cold.
    In you, I suffer
    And rejoice. I long read more »

  • 8.
    (Untitled- 10.26.04)

    Every time I think of you,
    Somehow my heart grows larger,
    Threatening to explode in the joy of love.
    You are the cause of my joy, read more »

  • 9.
    In The Sea Caves

    In the sea caves
    there's a thirst there's a love
    there's an ecstasy
    all hard like shells read more »

  • 10.
    (Untitled- 10.28.04)

    Your touch
    (For in distance,
    Touch grows cold.) read more »

  • 11.
    (Untitled- 07.21.03)

    You stand before me, sweet, unmarred.
    Yet your gaze is restrained, and barred.
    You will not meet my eyes-
    For this my soul within me cries, read more »

  • 12.

    on keeping with tradition
    i would like to say
    i was never much for
    tradition anyway read more »

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