Rebekah Hedquist

Rebekah Hedquist Poems

1. Crashing Memories 1/25/2013
2. Regret 1/25/2013
3. Disaster 1/25/2013
4. Waves Of Sorrow 1/25/2013
5. Like Taking A Breath 2/7/2013
6. The Biggest Regret 2/7/2013
7. Free Me 2/8/2013
8. Love Like No Other 2/8/2013
9. Pain And Regrets 2/27/2013
10. Maybe Someday 2/27/2013
11. The Emotional Winters 12/10/2013
12. Faith 12/10/2013
13. Looks 12/10/2013
14. Never Again Will Our Love Break 12/10/2013
15. For The Irish 12/10/2013
16. When Your Heart Was Mine 12/10/2013
17. If I Could Be Your Girl 4/23/2014
18. Brokenhearted 4/23/2014
19. Thats Who He Is 4/23/2014
20. Without You 4/23/2014
21. You And I Never Knew 4/23/2014
22. In My Dream 4/23/2014
23. Firelight 4/23/2014
24. Can We Leave? 4/23/2014
25. Say Something 4/23/2014
26. I'M Sorry 5/12/2014
27. A Mother 5/12/2014
28. Hoping For The Future 4/23/2014
29. You Say You Care? 4/23/2014
30. Breaking Free 1/25/2013
31. My Life With You 4/23/2014
32. I Feel Lost And Afraid 4/23/2014
33. I'M Afraid To Love 4/23/2014
34. Heaven And Hell... 2/11/2013
Best Poem of Rebekah Hedquist

Heaven And Hell...

My heart was sprawled on the floor,
Where all the memories that i once treasured laid in my heart,
After the terrible fight between the dark and the light,
His eyes glowed that evil red,
He toke it all away with just a snap of his fingers.

I tried to breathe but it hurt,
as if I was stabbed to death,
He took the people i once cared and loved in to his home and changed there ways,
except for the one of many I hold dear to my heart.

I tried to beg for mercy and ask for the light of god,
But I was stuck in the demons home,
Where fire and ash ...

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Waves Of Sorrow

Sorrow Drifting through the waves
Tears fall from my face.
Life will never be the same
Because of the mental blame
You can't hurt me anymore.
Because you're not the same

Chorus: You blame me,
You hurt me,

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