Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.

Gold Star - 18,693 Points (June 15,1942 / Aravayal, karaikudi, Tamil Nadu, South India)

Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar. Poems

81. A Horse And An Ass 9/22/2009
82. A Hymn To God, The Father. 11/14/2008
83. A Joint Family 9/23/2010
84. A Ladder 8/7/2015
85. A Lady Doctor 6/10/2011
86. A Late Wisdom 6/14/2009
87. A Layman Speaks Better 10/2/2009
88. A Leader Is Born; So Is A Genius. 5/15/2010
89. A Leaf Blade 8/21/2009
90. A Lease Of Life 10/8/2010
91. A Little Fake In Tears 8/2/2011
92. A Living Corpse 4/27/2011
93. A Loafer Is Fast Aging. 2/4/2010
94. A Lone Tree 1/15/2012
95. A Look On Patriotism 3/15/2016
96. A Loss Is A Relief Too 10/10/2009
97. A Love Letter By Miss. Paula 5/5/2015
98. A Love Of Two Sexes. 12/17/2009
99. A Lover Is An Optimist. 6/25/2009
100. A Loving Bird Is A Singing Bird. 7/5/2010
101. A Loving Couple 9/23/2010
102. A Loving One Is A Hating One 1/21/2013
103. A Loving Woman 1/24/2012
104. A Lucky Doctor 12/23/2011
105. A Make-Believe 1/18/2012
106. A Man Must Act 12/17/2009
107. A Man’s Love For Woman 10/24/2010
108. A Man’s Tendency 4/29/2009
109. A Man's Aspiration 2/27/2013
110. A Mean Fellow? 11/29/2010
111. A Meaningful Avenge 12/10/2009
112. A Minimum Gratefulness. 3/20/2013
113. A Miserable Venture 11/2/2009
114. A Mistress 1/24/2012
115. A Modern Population 12/18/2009
116. A Monarch Is Good If… 12/18/2009
117. A Monarch’s Supremacy 11/6/2011
118. A Monkey Spanner 4/27/2011
119. A Mother From The Rape 5/1/2016
120. A Mother's Chuckle 1/24/2009
Best Poem of Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.

A Woman Forty Plus Aspires

I must be the centre of attention
And reaffirm my desirability.
I must feel validated as a woman
And re-experience the romance of love.
Let be burnt the ennui of monogamy.
Let come again the sexual excitement
That I went through at my first night.
Need not the man in focus be a prince,
An emperor nor a millionaire.
Let him be the one I want to be with,
In accordance with my safety,
Proximity and convenience.
Just for a ‘love you leave you alliance.’
Yes, I must waste no time to test my worth
And remain faithful with my husband.


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Apology Must Repair.

Apology asked, one dresses one's quilt.
Apology taken, one dresses one's bruise.
It is a repairing mechanism,
Sincerity is the skill needed for it.

Apology is the owning the act.
It must spring from the remorse undergone.
Undergoing humiliation is the punishment.
Displaying m magnanimity is the reward.

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