Ronell Warren Alman

Veteran Poet - 1,566 Points (August 26,1974 / New York City, NY)

Ronell Warren Alman Poems

1. Girl, Why Do You Choose To Stick Around 5/21/2005
2. Girl, How Could You Keep Loving Him 1/24/2005
3. A Person Can Really Be Stubborn 10/13/2004
4. Morning, Afternoon, And Night 10/20/2004
5. The People Who Are Suffering 9/19/2004
6. We Are Living In A Troubled World 10/13/2004
7. Girl, I Want You To Know 6/1/2005
8. Girl, Thinking Of You 10/13/2004
9. Girl, Your Pretty Face (Part 1) 10/12/2004
10. The Days Keep Going By 10/12/2004
11. The Obtrusive Little Girl 10/12/2004
12. Just Us Two 11/26/2004
13. Girl, You Definitely Don'T Deserve That 12/28/2005
14. Time For A Fresh New Start 1/1/2006
15. Girl, Why Do You Tolerate His Nonsense 6/11/2005
16. Girl, I Am Glad That You Feel The Same Way Too 2/12/2006
17. You Can'T Go On Like This 3/8/2006
18. Girl, I Did So Much For You 4/16/2006
19. Girl, The Two Of Us 4/16/2006
20. Girl, I Want To Feel Your Loving Touch 7/1/2006
21. Girl, Now That You Know Who He Really Is 8/22/2007
22. Look For A New Direction 9/29/2007
23. A Troubled Path 12/4/2007
24. When You Live In The Streets 1/16/2008
25. The Standard Of Excellence (Part 1) 1/21/2008
26. Girl, Remove Yourself From That Loser 1/24/2008
27. We Need To Open Our Eyes 3/23/2008
28. Girl, I Can Feel Your Pain 3/23/2008
29. Drugs Are Messing You Up 3/23/2008
30. Girl, Speak To Me 3/23/2008
31. Get Back To School 3/23/2008
32. Girl, When I Look Into Your Eyes 3/23/2008
33. Girl, I Cherish Every Moment 3/23/2008
34. It Is Another Blesseth Day 3/23/2008
35. Get Off Of Those Streets (Part 1) 3/23/2008
36. Use The Gift 3/23/2008
37. You Should Be Proud Of What You Have Accomplished 3/23/2008
38. Put Your Trust In Him 3/23/2008
39. Lift Your Voice 3/23/2008
40. Keep Your Head Up And Smile 3/23/2008
Best Poem of Ronell Warren Alman

Girl, Why Don't You Dry Those Tears

Girl, why don't you dry those tears
You have so much to live for
Things will not always be like this
There is so much more in store
I know that your boyfriend has did you wrong
He has torn your poor heart in two
Sometimes you feel so unsure of yourself
And you just don't know what to do
Just pick your heart up from off the floor
And start again
Many other guys want to get that chance to meet you
There are other fish in the ocean
It really hurts to suffer
Nothing but grief and sorrow
Keep your head up and smile
For there will always be tomorrow

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Girl, Thinking Of You

Girl, Thinking of you
Day by day
Makes me feel very happy
In every which way
Your warmth and caring
Definitely sends chills up and down my spine
Your wonderful personality
Is truly a one of a kind

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