Savita Tyagi

Savita Tyagi Poems

1. What Is Love 1/3/2012
2. Winter 1/16/2012
3. The River Calls Me 3/22/2012
4. Sleep Dear Hold Me Tight 8/28/2012
5. Why? 12/10/2012
6. Some Say Love Is God 12/10/2012
7. Anxiety 12/10/2012
8. Upon The Desk Of The Great Writer 12/27/2012
9. Summer Evening 1/13/2013
10. Summer Night 1/13/2013
11. Winter Afternoon 1/13/2013
12. Flash Thought 4/11/2013
13. Rant Is Permitted 6/5/2013
14. Flash Thought Ll 6/30/2013
15. Haiku 6/30/2013
16. Our Lives 8/21/2013
17. Retired 8/21/2013
18. Haiku Not So Perfect 8/24/2013
19. Closed For Business! 10/3/2013
20. Path To Heaven 10/3/2013
21. Cinquain Ll (In Free Verse) 11/18/2013
22. Flash Thoughts Lll 11/19/2013
23. Cinquain Lll Lv V (In Free Verse) 12/11/2013
24. On A Computer Screen 12/19/2013
25. Year End Thoughts 12/31/2013
26. Vishnu 1/6/2014
27. Transmigration 1/7/2014
28. Dreams 1/28/2014
29. Maruts 1/28/2014
30. Cinquain Vll (Free Verse) 2/19/2014
31. Finding A Way 4/27/2014
32. Will, Desire, Altruism And Surrender -new- 5/19/2015
33. In Support Of Balance 4/29/2014
34. Cinquain Vl 1/7/2014
35. The Aryans 11/21/2013
36. This Diwali 11/11/2012
37. So I Ran Away 2/6/2013
38. A Walk In The Garden Ll 1/6/2014
39. System, People And Family 3/17/2015
40. A Hill And A Cloud 4/1/2015
Best Poem of Savita Tyagi

A Poet's Heart

He had a poet’s heart
When he melted with pain at the sight of a wounded bird
Like an ice cube melting in summer’s heat
The helpless eyes of grieving bird’s mate
Turned his heart’s cries into verses of poetry
This famous story is an inspiration
For poets around the world

On rainy days a poet’s imagination streams and floats
Like a little paper boat in gushing rainwater
It giggles and laughs with little children
Playing in rainwater
It captures the adventures of a raindrop
Falling in puddles of city streets
Floating through winding alleys
And ...

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At the onslaught of winter stripped of their possessions trees stand in silent prayer.
Grey clouds hang low just above the black trees as if to kiss them goodbye
The milky white glow of moon creates a longing
Is it possible to reach out to unknown?
I get not answer in that cold and still night.
Flowers huddled together still spread their fragrance
Soon the merciless frost of winter will kill the bloom.
Gofers in my backyard have created mounds of dirt to settle deep in warm earth.

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