Treasure Island

sharon simani


Poems of sharon simani

1. Gone 4/26/2013
2. Mother Knows Best 4/15/2013
3. Moving On 5/8/2013
4. No Hard Feelings 4/22/2013
5. Pretty Betty 4/24/2013
6. Sorry 9/18/2013
7. The Wild One 1/22/2014
8. Woman Of Strength 5/19/2013
9. You or Me? 4/15/2013

No Hard Feelings

Sorry but no hard feelings cause its survival for the fittest.
How else would she pay for the that lifestyle of a princess
It’s partly my fault, because I am the one who introduced her to the specifics
Night life at gypsies and shots of green labels with other drinks so exquisite
Lately she’s become high maintenance like a mortgage or a visit
From a long lost relative that you are trying to impress but is it
Worth all the effort and money that you try pump in
Just for her to be taken for

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