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(November / Birmingham)

Poems of Shawanda Polk

1. All You Have 5/21/2008
2. Alone 5/9/2008
3. Are you still here? 1/10/2010
4. As I Look Up 5/9/2008
5. Boyfriend-maybe 5/14/2008
6. Can 'YOU' Answer This? 9/11/2008
7. Gangs 5/21/2008
8. I Rather be Single 1/31/2010
9. I'm Tired 5/14/2008
10. Love 5/9/2008
11. Love at a Young Age 1/31/2010
12. That Special Boy 1/10/2010
13. The Angry Soul 9/23/2010
14. The one and only.......Me 5/21/2008
15. What is a bestfriend? 5/14/2008

What is a bestfriend?

What is a bestfriend?
I thought I had a bestfriend
Until I found out what it really means
A bestfriend is someone that will be there for you through thick and thin
A bestfriend is someone that will not talk about you behind your back
A bestfriend will not try to change and just love you for you
A bestfriend is someone you tell personal things to
A bestfriend is the one who dries your tears
A bestfriend don't have to answer the phone 'WHO IS THIS'

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