Sherif Monem

Veteran Poet - 1,734 Points (Egypt)

Sherif Monem Poems

121. Love Suspicions 6/24/2009
122. Love With Three Women 11/23/2008
123. Mansion Of Love In My Heart 7/23/2009
124. Maze Of Life 7/26/2008
125. Memories Come And Go 5/30/2009
126. Mimi My Love 3/10/2009
127. Moments Of Happiness 8/1/2010
128. Moments Of Life 5/17/2015
129. Month Of December 12/24/2016
130. Moon And Sun 10/13/2016
131. Mother Sun 11/16/2009
132. Mountain Rose 11/7/2008
133. My Heart Full Of Fear 11/25/2008
134. My Heart In A Golden Cage 8/18/2008
135. My Heart Is Catching Fire 7/15/2008
136. My Life Is An Open Book 4/10/2015
137. Mystery Of Life 7/14/2012
138. Neda Agha Soltan 6/24/2009
139. New Day Of Life 8/8/2010
140. New Year Celebration 5/5/2013
141. Oh Manhattan 10/3/2015
142. Old Man And Young Bride 5/27/2009
143. One World Sun Moon Earth 10/15/2016
144. Our First Anniversary 11/28/2008
145. Our Love Will Not Last Forever 10/8/2008
146. Our Wedding Bells 11/14/2008
147. Our World Mystery 9/14/2013
148. Paula Is Cruel 8/20/2010
149. Planet Earth Mystery 1/21/2016
150. Poem Money 8/25/2013
151. Poem Penny 8/28/2013
152. Poem Rhyme 6/6/2009
153. Quam, Tran And Tomcats 11/21/2008
154. Raining In My Heart 8/4/2008
155. Rainy And Thunderous Night 9/8/2008
156. Ready For Love 11/18/2009
157. Red For Roses, Blood And Fire 2/23/2014
158. Red Roses 4/25/2012
159. Regrets In Life 6/4/2009
160. Resurrection Of The Dead Fantasy 8/4/2008
Best Poem of Sherif Monem

Our Wedding Bells

Wedding Night
In our wedding night
I saw the bright stars
Promising us happiness
Through the days to come
My bride I adore you
You have all my unbound love
Your shining beauty
Your gleaming eyes
The doors to paradise
Your cheerfulness
Your radiating delight
The candles that will light our way
In the journey of life
The golden bells
The silver bells
They will chime
The beautiful melodies
Announcing the first steps
For joyful future
For a happy family
For love and romance

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What Is A Kiss?

What is the secret of a kiss?
It is this something you would not miss
When your lips touch your lover's lips
When there is awe and little hiss
When you ascend to heaven and reach the skies
When there is euphoria and you feel so high
The kiss is a boat floating in world of fantasy
You can enjoy at anywhere
Below a tree and at the midst of rivers and plains

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