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Poems of sherif monem

61. I am Lonely 12/10/2008
62. I am Sorry Darling 8/28/2008
63. I Fall in Love Easily 8/3/2008
64. I Feel Falling In Love 9/17/2012
65. I have abandoned my love to you 6/29/2008
66. I Know You Love Me 4/15/2013
67. I love Kristi 9/14/2008
68. I Love My Apple 3/6/2014
69. I love the blue color 2/17/2014
70. I Love The Color Green 2/20/2014
71. I Love You In Neon Light 8/11/2008
72. I Surrendered my heart to you 9/13/2008
73. I Want You Be Mine 8/12/2008
74. I Will Love You For Ever 6/14/2009
75. I will wait for you 3/4/2014
76. Is Somebody There in Universe? 9/21/2008
77. It Was Like Yesterday 10/29/2009
78. Jenny is Honey 8/2/2008
79. Jiji Arrows of Love 7/27/2008
80. JiJi is Back 11/2/2008

What is a Kiss?

What is the secret of a kiss?
It is this something you do not miss
When your lips touch your lover's lips
When there is awe and little hiss
When you ascend to heaven and reach the skies
When there is euphoria and you feel so high
The kiss is a boat floating in memory lane
You can enjoy at midst of river and the plain
You can feel it deep and so sweet

[Hata Bildir]