Treasure Island

some info is not ment to be known

Poems of some info is not ment to be known

1. Dare To Hope 12/14/2006
2. Forever lost love 4/27/2007
3. Forgotten 1/10/2007
4. I'm Just A Nigger 12/17/2006
5. My Destiny 12/14/2006
6. Remember 12/20/2006
7. She's Gone 12/15/2006
8. The Line 12/15/2006

I'm Just A Nigger

I get no respect, no rights
'cause I'm just a nigger.

'dem whites run over us, like da dirt on da ground.
'cause were just some niggers.

can't read or write, can't have no freedom.
'cause I'm just a nigger.

Master ain't knowin' I don learned,
'cause I'm just a nigger.

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