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    Untitled Song

    "The Untitled Song" is an Emily Saliers composition. It originally
    appeared on "Blue Food," and it has been performed as recently as
    1989. Actually, I seem to recall someone telling me that they heard
    it more recently... At any rate, I think that it may have been the
    first truly great IG song, IMHO, and still ranks right up there as read more »

    Indigo Girls
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    by: KRiS KRUGER
    The day shall come
    The day shall come when we see what we are
    That day shall come; it's not too far read more »

    Kruger Kris
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    Dim The Lights And Chill The Ham

    Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, _Dim_the_Lights_and_Chill_the_Ham_,
    Cargo, CAN, 1992.

    -- Dim the Lights and Chill the Ham read more »

    Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet
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    Ladies and gentlemen!
    Yes my fine gentlemen friends
    Okay, we’re gonna turn to the chapter in eyenetics
    Called left pimping
    Everybody turn to left pimping
    Now as you can see
    It’s located in a region near your man
    Called untitled space read more »

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    The Dark Night Of The Soul

    May, 1993 - Stratford...have been reading through the poetry of 15th century
    Spain, and I find myself drawn to one by the mystic writer and visionary St.
    John of the Cross; the untitled work is an exquisite, richly metaphoric love
    poem between himself and his god. It could pass as a love poem between any two
    at any time...His approach seems more akin to early Islamic or Judaic works in read more »

    Mckennitt Loreena
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    Untitled Too (sweep Remix)

    You're the proud crowd waiting forthe guinea pigs to die somewhere tonight.
    You can't find the time to celebrate andyou have no goodbyes to give away.
    You are always telling lies,you never show me what you feel inside.
    You're boring, you're a waste of time.Please leave me and I leave you all behind. read more »

    Apoptygma Berzerk
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    Union Blood (Untitled)

    Bloody thursday was july 6th
    the pigs killed 3 workers
    harry bridges grabbed the mic
    The city shut down july 6th
    the workers outrage it was a general strike
    The media clamed that the commies were taking over and some believed it was true
    3 uncompremising strikes was paved the way Minn Sf and Toledo

    But on the situation
    But on the street sometimes
    You're gonna hit the cold concrete read more »

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    Untitled (the Color Red)

    We're all crazy read more »

    Pearl Jam
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    In The End I Became Them And I Led Them
    After All None Of Us Really Qualified as Humans
    We Were Hardworn Automatic And As Hollow As The "O" In God
    I Reattached My Emotions Cellular And Narcotic
    From The Top Of Hollywood It Looked Like Space
    Millions Of Capsules And Mechanical Animals
    A City Full Of Dead Stars And A Girl I Called Coma White
    This Is My Omega read more »

    Marilyn Manson
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    Porch light alone as you stepped out.
    You stepped out.
    It made a silhouette of your head, then you walked down. read more »

    Jimmy Eat World
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