Stevie Taite

Rookie (30th January 1973 / Kent, England)

Stevie Taite Poems

121. The Day After The Pillow Write 9/26/2012
122. The Making Of The Moon 12/10/2012
123. The Therapists Not So Hidden Treasures 12/2/2012
124. The Washing Monster 11/15/2012
125. The Washing Monster, And Friends 1/25/2013
126. There Once Was A Poet Called Thomas 10/1/2012
127. There Once Was A Valerie D 10/1/2012
128. Time Difference Annoyance 11/10/2012
129. Time For A Break 9/7/2012
130. Trespass 1/29/2013
131. True North 3/8/2013
132. Turning Off The Flame 11/18/2012
133. Unkept 2/20/2013
134. Unkept (Remastered To Be True To The Roundel Format.) 2/21/2013
135. Verification Code (Grrrrrrrr) 1/21/2013
136. Voice 2/23/2013
137. 'Wake Up Kavita! ' 11/27/2012
138. Washing Time Machine 4/16/2013
139. Wasps Are Carnivores 8/16/2012
140. Where's My Pen? 8/29/2012
141. White Triangle 8/29/2012
142. Wipe The Blade Clean 1/25/2013
143. Wishes Cried For Wanted Child! 12/4/2012
144. With Out A Parachute 10/11/2012
Best Poem of Stevie Taite

The Making Of The Moon

The moon was born with Earth they say
Two vortex, large and small
Of gas and dusty nebula
And gravitation's pull

Little wind does stroke its land
For mass is sixth of Earth
Which holds down little Atmosphere
Around its smaller girth

It doesn't suffer weathering
Or recycling of rocks
It's craters still look like the day
The meteors gave it pox

The moon it had no H20
No vapour formed a sea
The soup of life was not there served
So remained species free!

The jealous moon so tries to steal
Our oceans from their ...

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Body Has The Last Laugh

Have you ever sniggered so much
that a snot bubble came out

Have you creased  up
and then sprayed out all your drink

Have you chuckled  out a fart 
Maybe giggled out a wee

[Hata Bildir]