Stuart Smeltzer

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Poems of Stuart Smeltzer

1. A Cross 11/26/2013
2. A Daughters Love 9/14/2013
3. A Morning Prayer 12/14/2013
4. A True Friend 12/14/2013
5. A Tug 1/18/2014
6. Blue Sky's 11/26/2013
7. Mothers Are 9/14/2013
8. Poor or RichNo 12/14/2013
9. Reflections 9/14/2013
10. Sweet 16 9/14/2013
11. Wisdom 1/18/2014
12. With Faith 12/14/2013

Mothers Are

“Mothers Are”

 Mothers are the ones, who bring us into the world,
Mothers are the ones who teach us right from wrong.
Mothers are there for us when we need her any time, day or night,
To help us feel better.

Mothers are there when we are scared or when we feel alone,
And she is there when we are happy to share in our joy.

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