Treasure Island

Sufia Kamal

(20 June 1911 - 20 November 1999 / Barisal / Bangladesh)

Poems of Sufia Kamal

1. Ajikar Shishu 3/23/2012
2. He Mahan Neta 3/23/2012
3. Love-Timid 3/23/2012
4. Rajonigondha 3/23/2012
5. Shajher Maya 3/23/2012
6. Taharey Pode Mone 3/23/2012
7. That Love Of Yours 3/23/2012

That Love Of Yours

I've taken possession of that love of yours
that fills the earth's vessel till it overflows,
filling my eyes, filling my heart,
and filling my two hands.
How unbearable is this joy, that this love is so intense.
With the touch like arrows of its golden rays
the inner bud blooms, as quickly as grass.
Illumined in my heart, it brings jewel-inlaid riches;
that's why I'm wealthy, my joy will not perish.

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